Passport and dual citizenship?

Does having a passport for a country automatically mean you are a citizen, even if you have never lived in that country, or is citizenship and just having a passport two different things? (I'm asking because I have two passports but don't know if that also means dual citizenship.)

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  • Gerd P
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    10 years ago
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    Dual citizenship is in general acquired at birth. For example you were born in America and your father was born in the United Kingdom and has hold a U.K. passport and was married to your mother when you were born. In this case you hold dual citizenship and you are entitled to apply for a U.K. passport even if you have never been in that country. However there are also cases that having two passports does not mean having dual citizenship. This applies to those countries which do not recognize dual citizenship. For example if you were born in India, have emigrated to the United States, have been naturalized in the U.S. and have gotten the U.S. passport you are supposed to turn back your Indian passport since you have lost your Indian citizenship..

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No, having a passport does not necessarily make you a citizen. A prime example of this is Mexico! Mexico does not allow dual citizenship but will give non-citizen nationals a passport! So a person can be a US citizen but not a Mexican citizen and still have 2 passports!

    If you look at a US passport you will see "citizen/national" on page 1 as the US doesn't require you to be a citizen in order to get a US passport. An Irish passport on the other hand states "the bearer, a citizen of Ireland" as you must be an Irish citizen in order to get an Irish passport.

    In other words some countries require you to be a citizen and some do not. Therefore it would depend on the countries.

  • schur
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    3 years ago

    there is not any such ingredient as a twin citizenship passport. A passport represents citizenship in the issuing u . s . a ., no longer distinctive countries. once you're a uk citizen, then you definately are eligible for a uk passport. in case you're an Iraqi citizen, then you definately are eligible for an Iraqi passport, however God in easy terms is conscious of what good that could convey you. the key factor is installation your citizenship. The passport comes after that and is easy.

  • conwyt
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    10 years ago

    normally you get a passport from the country of which you are a yes I'd say if you have two you are probably a dual citizen

    not that you need two though...

    Source(s): im a dual citizen...even though ive never lived in one of the countries
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