Can Use 9mm ammo Instead of .380 acp.?

A lot of people keep telling me to use 9mm ammo because it is cheaper. I recently purchased a Hi-point CF328 .380 acp. and was wondering if i could use 9mm ammo. If so, specifically what 9mm ammo would work?

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    Not a chance. Aside from some small differences in the taper of the case, both rounds headspace off the case rim, and .380 (9x17) is a shorter round. Trying to stuff a 9x19 in a .380 chamber wont work. The 9x19 also develops quite a bit more pressure, so even if it did fit in the gun, you would very likely have a grenade instead of a gun. Not to mention its a hi-point, so its not exactly the greatest quality on the planetto begin with.

    Anyone who tells you to use 9x19 (the common "9mm") in a .380 is a completely uneducated moron. No one who knows anything about guns would tell you to do that, because its very common knowledge that it simply wont work.

    if you arent aware already, .380, 9x17, 9mm Kurz, 9mm browning, 9mm Short, and 9mm corto are all the exact same thing.

    9x19, 9mm NATO, 9mm Luger, 9mm para, 9mm parabellum are also all the same thing, but NOT the same as the above.

    Source(s): ADDED: the Astra 400 is a 9mm largo, which is obscure and this specific gun can shoot .380 acp. it is NOT a recommended practice. There is an Astra 300 chambered in a .380. Also worth mentioning that not all 400's can shoot .380 too, the barrel is stamped 9mm-38 if it can.
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    It saddens me that even on here there are people who want to see their friends injured. Use only 380 ACP or 380 AUTO, as other "okay" box designations like 9mm Corto are rare enough around here that "box content substitutions" might have happened. It is possible that since you are surrounded by FELON saboteurs, you should also check the case markings! The 9mm Parabellum (Luger) is a bit longer and both shells headspace on the casemouth, so it would take some criminal rechambering your gun to be able to chamber and fire 9mm ammo, but in your case you might have strange enough associates for that to have happened! If it occurred, probably the extractor would hold onto proper 380 Auto shells well enough that the firing pin can fire the primer, so you might not have any clue someone had set you up. IF an EMPTY 9mm case will chamber in your gun, then somebody has set you up this way for a disaster, as the 9mm runs at 35,000 psi and the 380 ACP runs at only 21,500 psi.

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    The only 9mm ammo that will work in a .380 ACP is .380 ACP.

    Unless the tolerances on your weapon are really sloppy, a 9x19mm will not even load into your magazine, much less chamber. I just tried putting a 9x19mm round into the chamber of my field stripped Bersa .380, and it still stuck out by about 1/4 of an inch. Depending on what type of gun you have, there may be a disconnect which prevents the weapon from firing if it is out of battery, making it somewhat idiot-proof.

    I'm just glad that these "people" didn't tell you to buy a .40SW and shoot some .357SIG through it! That would chamber just fine. Might lose a finger or two though.

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    The words after the caliber designation of American cartridges are the patent holders or originator on the caliber, not the manufacturer Examples .45 ACP -Automatic Colt Pistol same as 45 auto 40 S&W -Smith &Wesson. Most peole just say 40 454 Casull- Dick Casull the originator of the 454 Casull 45 Colt - Colt used in revolvers sometimes called Long Colt by us old timers even though we know we are wrong It's the Euro stuff that's a mess Same round 9mm Luger -George Luger the inventor of the round parabellum- The intended use of the round (For war) 9 x 19 then there's 9mm Kurz, 9mm Largo. 9 Makarov All different rounds The military confuses things a little more 5.56 almost a .223 but not quite 7.62 x 51 almost a Winchester 308 but not quite

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    Rule of thumb - what ever is stamped on the barrel is exactly what you should see stamped on the box.

    And like everything in life - there are exceptions........ 380auto or 380acp is also known in the world at 9mm Kurz (Kurz being the German word for short) 0r 9mm short.

    But in the USA - you need boxes marked 380 auto or 380 acp for your pistol. If you go to Europe or Mexico - the boxes will say 9mm Kutz (Mexico) or 9mm Short or 9mm Kurt as mentioned above for Germany. And of course - if you have ammo that says this on the box that came from those places - you can use it.

    Good Luck.

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    There are some guns that will feed and fire both rounds, (the Astra 400 being my personal favorite). The bullets are both .355 in diameter, and the cases use the same head design.

    Your high-point however, will not: nor do I suspect any gun that is chambered for .380 ACP/ 9 x 17/ 9 mm Kurz (all the same thing).

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    No. The 9mm cartridge is longer than the .380 ACP cartridge.

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    9MM and .380 use the same dies to manufacture, and 9MM is more popular than .380 (which is also called 9MM short - in Europe, 9MM Kurtz).

    For this reason there are more 9MM rounds available and cheaper than .380 rounds these days.

    The .380 round is substantially shorter than the 9mm will not will not chamber in a .380 pistol.

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    9mm Shells

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    No - the two are dimensionally different...

    There are very few 'mix 'n' match' ammunition combinations that won't blow up your weapon - continue to use .380 ACP only.

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