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I'm thinking about going to france for a few days? From london...?

I live in the UK near london, i want to go to france for a few days maybe travel by eurostar. I was wondering could a travel agent like thomson help me with this to find a hotel or train? This is my first time to go abroad without my family, i'm 18 so i don't know how to do this. I don't want to stay in a hostel! I mostly want to go to france for the markets and to see things.

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    Yes, if you go to a travel agent like Thompson, they have various packages. If you want to go to specific places, whether Paris or elsewhere, they will arrange an itinerary for you and even book your train and your hotels.They will ask you what region you want to see, and make suggestions. Go and have a chat with your nearest travel agents, tell them what you want and compare what they are offering before committing yourself.

    They will not suggest a hostel in any case. It is not their line of business.

    Bon Voyage!

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    in case you do choose for on going to the united kingdom, I ought to dodge London. choose for certainly one of the different cities, like Manchester - plenty friendlier, greater dynamic youthful inhabitants and extremely plenty greater maximum least costly to stay. yet on the excellent, France is nicer to stay. Italy is relaxing too (looking on the place you're). with the aid of "college" I take it you recommend the 1st couple of years of faculty. if so, dodge France the place the colleges are below-financed and overcrowded. i've got heard some undesirable memories approximately Italian universities too.

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