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What Drugs Should Be legalize and Why?

feel free to express yourself what drugs and why do you think they need to be legal..


i will not report so answer what you think we have the freedom to say what we want...

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    All drugs should be legal it should be your choice whether you want to do them or not. And everything is currently totally backwards because alchohol is probably the worst and most dangerous drug and it's legal.

    I don't really care for marijuana, but it's the most popular and least dangerous to the user and people around the user so that should obviously be legal.

    Psychedelics such as LSD, mushrooms should be legal I mean most people can handle them. Some people might be retarded and jump off a cliff because they think LSD can make them fly... but do we really need those people alive anyway?

    Heroin is the best drug in the entire world. If someone drinks a lot of alchohol they might go murder someone or go home and beat their wife. If someone shoots up some heroin they're just going to lay there half concious not harming anybody. The only person you're endangering doing heroin is yourself and if you want to endanger yourself it should be up to you.

    Meth I don't know if it should really be legal. That's probably one of the few drugs I can see reason to keep illegal. People can get paranoid on meth and harm other people so I guess keep that one illegal. Probably the same with crack.

    There's nothing wrong with cocaine either. That just gives you some adrenaline for like a half hour. Coke doesn't really cause many problems.

    So I've covered all the main drugs. Only ones that I think should be illegal are alchohol, meth, and crack. Heroin is the drug I most think should be legal. While weed is the safest I think it is a lame drug that just makes the user less intelligent, hungry, and tired. Heroin on the other hand is the best feeling in the entire world. How can the best feeling ever be illegal? MOST people will go their entire lives without ever experiencing the greatest feeling ever. That makes no sense.

    Heroin would cause few problems if it was legal. Addiction would not really be a problem. Yes, all users of it would most likely become addicted, but who cares? If it's legal it would be affordable and addiction wouldn't be such a problem. The only problem with being addicted to heroin right now is you have to A. Risk your life buying it from street thugs and buying low quality heroin that is possibily cut with poison for all you know B. It cost too much buying it on the street and if you become a heroin addict right now you will go broke.

    If we legalize heroin you can just go in a pharmacy, purchase a bottle, and do it regurarly. At that point the only problem with heroin will be over doses. I'd say the only way to handle that is educate people on how much is a safe amount. Also overdoses would be less likely if it's legal because you know EXACTLY how potent the heroin you're purchasing is. When you buy heroin on the street you aren't aware of how potent it is until you put it in your veins. The reason a lot of people OD is they get an extraordinarily strong bag of heroin and OD on it. If you are buying it from a pharmacy that isn't a risk.

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    Marijuana. I don’t smoke, but I definitely think it should be legal, provided that it is regulated like alcohol (no minors, and no driving).

    It makes absolutely no sense that cannabis is illegal while alcohol and tobacco (both of which are MORE harmful and MORE addictive) are legal.

    Legalization would:

    - Create thousands of (legal, income-tax paying) jobs

    - Devastate drug cartels, which would suddenly be without 75% of their income

    - Provide an enormous windfall for the government, which would bring in billions in taxes and SAVE billions more on law enforcement (ending Prohibition played a big part in getting the U.S. out of the Great Depression)

    - Allow police, courts and prisons to focus their resources on DANGEROUS criminals, rather than harmless potheads

    The more taxes the pot smokers have to pay, the less the rest of us will have to pay – everybody wins!

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    Only drugs legally prescribed by a licensed doctor of medicine and psychiatry so pain, suffering, and decease can have a chance of being cured.

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    Life saving drugs under doctor's prescription.

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    all drugs should be by prescription, you go see a doctor and they make the determination whether you need it, then no one should ask questions

  • Let's start with marijuana, that seems to be the most popular, and let's see how things go from there. It's obvious to me marijuana prohibition is not a good thing.

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