Does Anyone Have Any Dirty Dares?

Nothing Intermate becuase thats gay, an example of what we would do is walk out in the garden with however many items of clothing the dare-er wants.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. dare them to run somewhere naked

    2. dare them to flash an older person

    3. dare them to eat hot sauce

    4. dare them to put their boob/junk in ice water

    5. invite someone to cam with just a hat, box, sock, etc hanging on a stiffy

    6. pick something up with just your mouth

    7. give yourself a wedgie

    8. sing a stupid song

    9. pole dance naked or in undies

    10. hump a pole, chair, etc in undies or nothing at all

    11. Stand up and chug a beer

    12. Stand up and chug a beer with only small towel or wash cloth to cover yourself with

    13. Take something off every time someone says a word starting with the letter “y”

    14. Dance on your chair in undies or nude

    15. Put your hand down your pants for 1 minute

    16. 20 jumping jacks in a towel

    17. 10 pushups in a towel

    18. 10 pull ups in a towel

    19. Put on undies from the opposite sex

    20. Hit “invite to view cam” strip naked and get redressed before they accept

    21. Jump on bed naked in undies with just pillow or in towel

    22. Hang a shower cap on your “hook”

    23. Make an outfit from floss and wash cloths invite all friends to view

    24. lick the toilet seat

    25. eat paper

    26. wear women's lingerie

    27. put ice cubes in pants don’t remove

    28. put hand in toilet water

    29. lick the bottom of their foot or big toe

    30. jumping jacks in a bathrobe or stand on chair in bathrobe then drop to ground with curtains open

    31. for a boy have him get himself hard and stand at attention without moving until his is no longer erect (this is a great time for other players to mess with him since he can’t move)

    32. wrap them in duct tape from the neck down

    33. email someone a dirty picture

    34. cover body in whipped cream or lotion

    35. call radio station and sing song to the dj and everyone else

    36. strip to underwear for rest of game(if dare given to boy he must wear his underwear on his head if he gets erection)

    37. have a girl give the guy in his underwear a lap dance

    38. wear a speedo made out of TP

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    1 decade ago

    Turn all your clothes inside-out and put them back on without letting any of them touch the ground.

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