Calling all conspiracy theorists?

Can anyone tell us the order of thing that are going to lead us to marshall law in the US? Start with a couple of things that have already happened then state what is happening now and most important tell me somethings to look out for.

I just cant find anyone who can say that on this date or when an X amount of specific things happen that the world will begin to fail.

It seems like hype and more and more people are making money off of this. I guess if it never happens all one has to say is "just think how close we were".

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    1 decade ago
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    There must be a "disaster" whether it be natural, like a supervolcano erupting, or man-made like massive terroism attacks or civil unrest. Once the President enacts Martial Law, or the similar, he and FEMA step in and take control of everything and there is NOTHING that Congress or the Supreme Court can do about it.

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    The only thing that really needs to happen is for the United States Federal Government to be sufficiently threatened by civil unrest. The real question, then, is "What would it take to get to that point"?

    A number of things can contribute -

    1) High unemployment

    2) High rates of inflation

    3) Passage of unpopular and/or unconstitutional laws or implementation of unpopular policies.

    Numbers 1 and 3 have already happened, but not to the extent that it has caused a sufficient civil unrest. Inflation is the key thing to look for, and may be inevitable due to the massive deficit spending, stimulus package, and bank bailouts. If inflation gets out of control, you'll see more civil unrest, and possibly martial law.

    PS: I'm not a "conspiracy theorist" so much as I am a realist, though that sometimes puts me into the category of conspiracy theorist.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. We elect a black President

    2. He passes a healthcare bill that even those who approved it do not know all that is in it

    3. Black usurper gets bill passed giving him ability to kill the internets

    4. DOJ under usurper decides that only white people will be investigated for hate crimes no matter how bad it is

    5. Usurper sides with racist muslim and panther groups to form a private army who will answer his call.

    Not sure what come next, but if you are not getting ready for the power grab, you deserve to suffer.

    Source(s): When I finsih my book, please buy it. Gotta cash in before all the tinfoil hatters get treatment for their mental diseases.
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