Astronomy universities?

I want a PHd because I want to be a professor in Astronomy. I am senior currently.

-3.5 gpa

- 6 AP classes passed 4 out of 6

- President of Astronomy club, member of Los Angeles Astronomical Society, part of Tree People, Band 1year, Basketball 1 year and Youth Club at church

I was thinking of applying to UC Santa Cruz any idea of good universities for astronomy that I can get into?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Google "Astronomy Departments"... One of the first links that I got was for seems pretty detailed... however it does appear to concentrate on Physics and Physics & Astronomy... but it gives you a good start. Also, links to individual departments goes on for pages!

    You might also want to search on "Astronomy grad degree programs" and "bachelor Astronomy program" or "Astronomy undergrad degree program" or words along those lines. To narrow the search, add a state.

    But before you worry about a PhD, you need to get an undergrad degree. You should concentrate in physics or astronomy and you could probably go to an instate school where it is cheaper or apply for scholarships. Then, you could apply to grad school. It is highly recommended that you go to a different school for graduate studies than where you go for undergrad. One of the things to think about is what in astronomy do you want to do? Observational? Theoretical? Planetary? Galactic? Stellar? Radio? X-Ray? Your first two years in grad school are usually spent in the classroom, but then you will start doing research for your thesis, so by then, you will need to know what your 'specialty' will be. Sounds overwhelming? Take it one step at a time. Right now, just work on getting your undergrad.

    Finally, you might also want to search on "Careers in Astronomy" as that will also provide a great deal of information.

    You should also look into summer internship programs. (Search on "astronomy internships summer 2010") They can give you opportunities to explore different aspects of astronomy while you are an undergrad.

  • Alan
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    1 decade ago

    We have plenty here in the UK, but I don't' know about the USA

    Did you google "astronomy courses" ?

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I did my astrophysics BSc and MSc at Hertfordshire in Hatfield. might relatively recommend it, very sturdy Uni, and maximum of my classification friends who did PhDs at the instant are engaged on the VLT in Chilie.

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