What is Canada doing right that we the United States aren't?

Canada has been sitting there quietly in peace North of the United States for years. What are they doing that we aren't doing? You never here about a Canadian recession, never hear about other countries hating Canada, No Katrina, No BP Oil Spill, No Conservatives vs liberal, no illegals,no fight over health care,no argument over green energy, no bottomless deficit and no violatile stock market. what's their secret?

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    Canadian recession:


    I know people in canada. They have one, but it isn't anywhere near as bad. Ours is mostly because banks were forced by the federal government to loan mortgage money to people who couldn't possibly pay it back. the banks sold these loans as quickly as possible to others in large packages called 'derivitaves'. When those loans started defaulting en mass, there was so much money not getting paid back that the banks started going under.

    Meanwhile, the prices of houses shot up because so many people got mortgages who otherwise couldn't. Companies started building huge swaths of homes to sell, again on borrowed money. When the loans started defaulting, the house of cards fell.


    Other countries hating Canada:

    Canada has for decades been saying "we're not the great Satan, we're his little brother to the north". The US decided after 2 world wars that we'd had enough of sending our young men to die in foreign countries run by dictators, so we started getting pro-active and taking the initiative to bring down the bad guys before they could start WW3. Since dictators don't like people who bring down dictators, they started telling their people that America was evil. Also, when people would say "Hey, dictator, how come we're living in mud huts and you're in a palace? Why can't we be like america where everybody lives in a palace?" the dictators would say "America is evil, and you're evil if you like them."



    Hurricanes don't usually hit Canada, due to the way weather works on earth. They used to lose a lot of ships in storms before AMERICAN satellites got good at weather prediction.

    Oil Spill:

    Canadians drill their oil in the ground, mostly. Offshore is expensive, and they don't usually bother. The enviromentals in America have blocked all new drilling on land and shallow water, so we go way out where it's harder and more expensive.

    They have plenty of conservative vs liberal. In fact, the conservatives won the last election, throwing out the liberals on their ear.

    They have lots of illegals, they just deport them.

    Health care: they've socialized it, and everybody pays a health care premium out of their paychecks.

    They do argue over green energy. The windmills work fairly well on the large flat areas, and the few people are so spread out that the expense of the windmill energy seems cheaper because the other stuff is expensive too. Canadians cross the border to fill up with gas when they can.\

    bottomless deficit: it's from mostly democrats buying votes with our tax dollars.

    Stock market? Everybody trades on all the stock exchanges, now. Theirs is pretty small, but it's pretty volatile too.

    Their secret is that they don't put wax into the chocolate to keep it from melting. And to the extent that there is any global warming, it helps.

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    9 years ago

    There was not as deep a recession in Canada because they did not have the unregulated speculation and sales of toxic securities to other countries that we had. They have different laws for banking. At least they don't do everything we tell them to do. Canada does not have a big military power in charge of the world, with 700 bases. They have a Conservative government right now but they still have a government health care system. They don't take risks like Americans do. They are a more stable country. Thats their secret.

    BTW, Canada has a population of 30 million people. California alone has 37 million people. The U.S. imports more crude oil from Canada than any other country.

    You can get more cooperation and less discord with fewer people. I am sure they would not relinquish their health care for lower taxes.

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    Canada does have recessions; we're not immune to what goes on in the rest of the world. However, our economy wasn't hit directly in 2008 by the same factors as other countries (read: bank crashes) because we more heavily regulated our banking and securities industry. Simply, we didn't allow the same kinds of risky behaviours that caused economic catastrophe elsewhere. So our banks are just fine, our market is stable, etc...except that we're an export economy, so when the rest of the world scuttles its own economy, there are significant ripples here.

    I'm not sure it's fair to blame a hurricane on any sort of government action or inaction. Climate change may have an effect, but that's a far broader phenomenon and isn't just caused by the U.S. That said, the infrastructure in place in New Orleans was inadequate, and blame can be laid for that. Likewise with response. Canada has its own meteorological catastrophes, and while they're usually on a smaller scale (though not always...the Ice Storm of 1998 comes to mind), we're generally well-equipped to respond to them.

    No massive oil spill...contrary to another poster's assertion, we *do* have a significant amount of offshore drilling. But, while I would suspect that Canada has closer oversight over production safety protocols than the U.S. does, it's pretty speculative to say whether or not such a thing could happen in Canada.

    Conservatives vs Liberals...of course that's a big fight. Of course, our conservatives are, in many ways, more liberal than your liberals...but that's kind of beside the point. Similarly, we have massive fights about health care, and about green energy.

    But as for the other things...I think there are two things to bear in mind: Canada has a generally more passive and risk-averse approach to the world than the U.S., so it isn't surprising that we wouldn't take the same risks that have so affected the U.S. Secondly, there's a big difference in the political cultural views of the role of government. Americans have a very laissez-faire approach, resisting taxation and government intervention, preferring to let the market take care of itself. Canadians, on the other hand, are content (though slightly whiney) with higher taxes to ensure the provision of necessary services and regulation of other important facets of industry.

    Clearly, given the events of 2008, the market doesn't take care of itself, and requires regulation. Similarly, the market would never have reinforced the levies in New Orleans - that was something only the government could have arranged.

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    There is a bit of a dis-awareness of what's going on in Canada. It's difficult to find out, too. They like to keep quiet and to themselves. I've only been up there twice but even the children were quiet! People on mobile phones were speaking softly, not yelling. I think bad stuff happens there too but the U.S. likes to intensify just about everything. It's difficult to figure out, it's simply different. Imagine the U.S. if it didn't revolt against various European/U.K. expectations. Getting rid of slavery 30 years earlier and only by passing legislation. An old west that wasn't wild? It's so ingrained in the U.S. it's hard to imagine. Even the various party-lines have different considerations about what falls under which category. According to the world almanac the government is described as "Socio-Capitalist". Sometimes I think it's a hybrid of everything!

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    9 years ago

    33 million people live in Canada. 307 million people live in the US.

    Canada is much larger than the US and is a major resource exporter....think about that and ponder why their situation is slightly better.

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    9 years ago

    1. They export more then they import.

    2. They expect us to defend them, so they have no military expenses.

    Their "universal healthcare" still cost an arm an a leg. And their tax rate is MUCH MUCH higher then that of the United States. Also, they have higher rates of poverty.

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    They have universal healthcare and heavily progressive taxes with a far lower income inequality than the USA.

    They're simply more left wing.



    Australia's spending on healthcare is less than half that of the USA's, yet we all have decent universal healthcare.


  • Do you really think Americans have the attention span to absorb news from a completely different country?

  • 9 years ago

    Selling us a crap load of oil and coal.

    Canada's economy like China is utterly dependent on us, we buy so much crap from them that its making them rich.

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    9 years ago

    they also apparently also have a lot less political corruption than us... i think imma move to canada...

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