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英文週記一篇 幫我想想可以怎加長到150字

Today is July 5th Monday; it is the day to see the school report card. I am a little scared because my second exam grade is not good. At noon, the grade is issued on the Internet. And the first time, I am quick to inquire the grade on the web. I am really delighted and very surprised, because my English grade is pass. So I am very grateful to my English teacher, my third exam can get the good grade

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    I don't really feel I should help you since this is your homework, but after reading your wriiting, I would like to help you because your English is not bad and you appreciate your teacher which is important.

    Here it is:

    Today is Monday, July 5th, and it is the day that our school will show us our school report cards. I am a little nervous and scared because my second exam grades were not so good. At lunch hour, the grades were issued on the Internet and we could check online. Therefore, for the first time, I was quick and rushed to the computer to find out my grades on the web. I was really delighted and also very surprised because I got good grades and passed my English class. After that, I thought for a while and I realized that I should be and I am very grateful to my English teacher for the improvement of my English ability. I am sure I will study hard from now on and hopefully my third exam can be much better than my second one.

    OK, that would be about 150 words or a bit more. Good luck.

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