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Do women in USA still have domestic orientation?

Women in USA earn about 57 percent of bachelors degrees and 59 percent of masters degrees.

Educated women tend to gravitate to fields such as education, English, psychology, biology, art, history etc which are classified as Humanities. They are somewhat extentions of family caring.

Educated men are much more numerous in physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

They are somewhat like male conquests of the world.




Gender gap growing:

The number of women enrolled in undergraduate classes has grown more than twice as fast as it has for men. Women outnumber men on campus by at least 2 million, and the gap is growing.



There is no engineering book written by a woman.

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    I wouldn't say that Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Biological Sciences are extensions of family caring, but perhaps all of those fields PLUS family caring are extensions of their feminine upbringing (socialization of gender roles) and quite possibly natural preferences. Some of fields may actually require them to go abroad and conduct field work, so it isn't completely a domestic orientation, perse.

    Physics, CS, and Engineering may be things more generally perceived to be done outside of the home, true, but there are a lot of domestic applications for these fields, such as teaching your kids science experiments, or building a bunch of gaming rigs and getting into programming, or building your own personal gadgets, all of which can be done in one's home.

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    I don't see how the concentrations women gravitate to are extentions of family caring at all. They just have to do with people and the "human condition". What does biology, art, and history have anything to do with the act of raising children and housekeeping?

    I would consider computer science if it didn't involve so much sitting and staring at a computer screen. It's a good choice.

    A lot of women have a business major also, I'm one of them and have a lot of friends doing that.

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    Some women are still domestically oriented. I know a 32 year old woman with 4 kids who's life revolves around her family and her home. She's a stay at home mom and her husband supports the family. My sister is a lawyer and her husband's a college professor and they rely on day care to raise their kids. She's got a cleaning lady. If a woman works, she has less time to devote to domestic things. Plenty of women work AND take care of kids and the home, and that's a lot to be responsible for.

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    Probably , yes but does it matter? As long as it is good for them ,it will be a lot more better for us.More humane and educated . . . .

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