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Makeup, tampons, shaving legs, workout routines?? Help please!?

Hey, so I have some questions about everything listed.


okay, so I haven't started wearing any yet, but I want to. I'm 13, and I want some tips.

1. best kind of eyeliner (liquid, pencil, waterproof, etc...) and best way to apply it and how much to apply.

2. eyeshadow--what color(s) would look best and subtle? I have semi-tan skin year round and dark brown hair. My eyes aren't small or big, just in the middle.

3. what makes your face appear smoother? I'd prefer a more natural look, if attainable. I don't want to look like those girls wearing way too much makeup.

4. mascara--best kind? any tips or downsides on using it?

5. lipgloss or lipstick is better for a 13 year old? and what color(s)?

6. best makeup remover that's affordable, best way to use it and what to use it with (cotton balls, etc.)

7. anything else that you suggest or tips and techniques.


1. basically, specific way to apply it x_x

2. how often you should change one

3. easiest one to apply for just starting out

ahhhh scary:(

shaving legs-

1. best razors. disposable ones or those big fat ones that are supposed to last longer and what brand?

2. how to do it? any special techniques that you personally find good?

3. best shaving cream or substitute for it? or none at all?

4. best moisturizer for afterward or substitute?

5. how often should you shave?

workout routines-

1. any heard of P90X? anything like it that I could do, but a lot less harder, cause those workout vids are for like adults. or anything that you follow yourself that doesn't include a vid? I'm only 13 so I can't do a lot yet, but I'd like to work on it.

2. any tips to keep in shape?

Sorry I have a lot of questions! Feel free not to answer all of them, just label the answers with the number of the question and what it covers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


p.s. I live with my dad. don't see my mom much.

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  • Emily
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    1. I have experimented a lot with eyeliner and it just never looks natural the way mascara does. And I personally don't think anyone looks great with eyeliner, it just looks like they're trying too hard. Trust me, your eyes look bigger and prettier without it! If you must, opt for a soft kohl dark brown pencil eyeliner (all eyeliners are almost the same, so DON'T go for expensive ones), and line just the outer half of your upper lash line. This will make your lashes look thicker. Lining the bottom lash line looks unnatural and the liner always runs down your face - not attractive.

    2. Oh my god, don't wear eye shadow. That's wierd and grandma-y. Eye shadow is kind of a mature thing and it just doesn't look good on teenagers, seriously. Especially since if you want to do it right, you need proper blending brushes and stuff. Don't wear eyeshadow now, or it will be one of those things where you look back in a few years (trust me, I know) and say, what was I thinking? Why didnt anyone tell me 13yrolds look ridiculous with eyeshadow?

    3. A tinted moisturiser would be good. They are light but even out your skintone and are not damaging to your skin at all. One from nivea or neutrogena is fine, have a look at ones from a drugstore.

    4. One thing to remember is never go for volume. Clumpy lashes? Ew! Go for length. Long, pretty, fanned out lashes look more natural and realllly open up your eyes. If you can, buy an eyelash curler and curl your lashes at the roots before using mascara. I love Lengthening Mascara from 17, at Boots, but I have tried so many mascaras, including Dior, and its really what works for you. Make sure you get LENGTH not thick clumpy lashes.

    5.Um, lipstick is bad for your age, my age, any young teen really. You only use lipstick for a different colour, and you are NOT gonna look nice with red lips, trust me! Thats for your mother. Go for lipgloss, and try to get shimmery ones over glittery ones because it looks more sophisticated without being too much. I am fine with Carmex, or Vaseline in Rose. I would suggest a tinted lip balm rather than a lipgloss as lipgloss is so 9-year-old barbie make up set, you know? And lipgloss is actually really drying to your lips. Tinted lip balm gives you shiny, rosy, plumped up healthy lips. So yeah, Carmex in cherry or Vaseline in rose. From any drugstore.

    7. My only advice is not to go crazy with make up right now, and stay away from eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation and lipstick in particular at this age. As you mature more, you can introduce things into your make up routine but, well, think back to the fashion you wore 3 yrs ago. Don't you wish someone had been there to dress you fashionably? Well, I'm here. Now. And I'm telling you what to do with make up because a lot of your friends are gonna make mistakes and you have the chance to be different, so that in a few years time when they're talking about that disgusting shade of eyeshadow they thought was cool when they were younger you can say, hey, my make up was pretty good. And they can be like, yeah, you were so mature! Don't make the mistake of doing too much right now, YOU WILL ONLY REGRET IT, ok?


    Haha, sorry, you're soo cute. And god, this is one of those things I remember worrying about a lot. And I started my period at 11, so it was confusing for me! But the best thing is just to get tampons with APPLICATORS (I reccomend Tampax) and read the leaflet that comes with them which is specifically written for first time users. Thats the best advice your gonna get. Buy the absorbency according to how heavy you are.

    Its hard to know when to change, so I suggest wearing a pantyliner (I feel a lot more secure with these with as tampons, plus they are unnoticeable and comfy!) - a type of pad just in case you didn't know - and when you leak, change it! Tampons are really comfy when you get the hang of them, and much better than pads, cause they are less bulky and noticeable, and don't SMELL :D.

    My final words of advice on this for you: If it hurts when you put it in, you are pushing at the wrong angle, change the angle, and if its right, it will glide in without you being able to feel it whatsoever. Plus, don't worry about putting bigger tampons in - honey, a baby is gonna come out of that thing.

    Shaving legs

    1. Get ones that last longer, they are better quality. Ones like Venus Embrace have 5 blades for a much closer shave and has small soap bars above and below the blades so that it foams as you shave.

    2. Go in the shower, and make sure your legs have been in the warm-hot water for a while. If there are any goosebumps, this is baaad as you will slice the tops of them off and will have little nicks all over. Be GENTLE and go slow. Because the first few times you probably will cut yourself simply because you are being too harsh or going too fast. I like to shave my legs whilst I have conditioner in my hair :)

    3. You don't need shaving cream, you're not shaving your FACE after all. Just make sure your legs and razor are WET and are wet throughout the shave (I keep my shower on). If you wish, lather up some body wash/gel.

    4. Use any body moisturiser. I reccomend Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Lotion (available at supermarkets or drugstores) but honestly, any will do and it doesn't have to be specifically an after-shaving one.

    5. Shave when you feel stubble and when you are bothered to. If you don't mind being a bit stubbly, and only want smooth legs for parties, then hell, only shave before parties. If you want to be hair free all the time, shave every few days. Or, do what I do, shave regularly in the spring/summer, but in the autumn/winter give your legs a break since your not wearing shorts anymore and no one will know! :)

    Workout routines


    I follow this workout once a week, every sunday, without fail. But then, I also go running regularly (I'm older than you, so I guess you may not be allowed out running) and do a lot of sport at school. I don't know how much sport your school does, but mine does 2 hrs on a monday, 1.5 hrs on a tuesday, 40 mins on a wednesday, 2 hours on a thursday, nothing on friday, and 3 hrs on a saturday. I go running on tuesday, friday and saturday. I'm a bit of an excercise freak tho XP.

    So if I were you, I would do this workout 3 or 4 times a week at least if you can't go running. But ease into it gradually.

    2. Don't eat fried or greasy foods, they make you fat, give you zits, make your hair and skin more oily and just don't make you happy. Eat well, eat healthily, and never let yourself go hungry. Eat full, proper meals, but keep it healthy and in balance. Treat yourself every now and then, but also have healthy moments - like a full fruit salad for breakfast. You will feel happier because of it.

    Hope I helped. :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Heres some advice from another 13 year old!


    1. To me the best kind of eyeliner is the pencil to me it doesn't really matter the brand, when you first start wearing makeup liquid eyeliner is kinda hard to apply.

    2. White, black, any color that matches what you are wearing just don't put a ton of it on.

    3. Foundation and compact will help make your face look more smooth and give you an even looking skin tone, but only put a light coat of each so you don't look heavily make-uped(haha)

    4. For mascara I usually use anything from maybelline, doesn't clump too much and it make your lashes look long. Downsides to wearing mascara and eyeliner are if your eyes water or itch a loLip glossll most likely smear your makeup...

    5. Lipgloss is better and you should wear like light colors, nothing too dark.

    6. To take off my compact and foundation I usually wash my face several times with hand soap or a bar or soap, and to remove my eye makeup i put lotion on a q-tip and rub the eyeliner and stuff away. (Ghetto, I know)


    1. Instructions on box

    2. Change it every 4 to 6 hours, you never want to wear one longer than 6 hours because of the odor and because you can get toxic shock syndrome.

    3. Get the thinnest one available!


    1. Disposable razors are good if you are on a budget but if you aren't just get the one that looks like it will wor best.

    2. I usually put conditioner on my legs then shave up starting from my ankle.

    3. Conditioner! It makes your legs soft and smooth afterward.

    4. I usually just put any type of lotion.

    5. I shave like twice a week.

    Oh and try not to shave your arms!

    Staying fit: Don't eat anything to sugary or salty all the time. Take a walk with some friends sometimes. Don't eat when your bored.

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    Wow! Lots of questions!

    Try Maybelline mascara, Define-A-Lash or Stilleto. Use more neutral eyeshadow colors and try to stay away from bright colors. Eyeliner, Maybelline too.That's the best brand for everything. It never fails me!And don't use liquid eyeliner because it gets stuck in your eyes and you'll be constantly picking at them to get it out.Try foundation, but not too much. You start feeling too made up. Lip gloss, not lipstick, but try to go for colored chapstick, you won't end up eating it. try Neutrogena eye make up remover pads, they're at Walmart, and get the grapefruit face wash too. For tampons, Tampax Pearl, every 3 hours, and there are directions on the box, or in the box. The ones that last longer for razors and i suggest getting a big bottle of cheap conditioner instead of shaving cream. It works like a dream.

    No techniques, just do it normally, and use regular lotion. Every few days, or if it grows back fast then every other day if you can't stand being prickly.

    Drink a lot of water and a mile a day. Completely works.Crunches and situps maybe about 25-50 daily if you like.

  • Teresa
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    4 years ago

    Here's when I started all these things: Shaving legs - 12, I started shaving them with a razor because I was doing gym and people commented on my hairy legs! Wearing Make-Up - Depends how much you're talking about. I wore foundation from a young age and the I started wearing mascara when I was about 12 or 13. Shaving Underarms - When I was 14 because I never had hair under my arms up until then. Tampons - Haven't started using them yet because I haven't started my period. If you want to know when to start doing all these things, it's just basically when you're reading. There's no point shaving if you don't have hair and start wearing make-up when you have the confidence to. Hope this helps!

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  • 9 years ago

    Well i'm 15 and started wearing make-up at 11 ? (First started middle-school)

    So i've tried ALOT of products

    the best EYELINER i've used so far is the 'Loreal infallible' it's amazing it doesn't smudge at all during the day and I can sleep with it, (even though I recommend you don't sleep w. makeup on) and wake up in the morning and it's still on !

    Don't wear EYESHADOW that's too much; but if you want too just wear a nude one or one that's close to your skin tone.

    The best MASCARAS i've used are Loreal Telescopic explosion, Maybelline New York Great Lash, Sexy Curves, and Loreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

    Wear COVERGIRL compact or powder but not alot.

    It gives you a very matte perfect skin look.

    But be sure to get the perfect shade get one that's too light it gives an ugly gray coloring

    or too dark it looks weird and unnatural like a fake tan =/

    Never wear lipstick WAY too much always lip-gloss or lip-balm

    I use NEAUTROGENA make-up remover wipes they come in purple packaging and cost like $8 and ALWAYS get all my makeup off

    For SHAVING Use Venus Razors They're the best ever it doesn't even matter what shaving cream you use the razor makes your skin super soft. And I Shave every other day

    And to keep in shape go to this website:

    It's what I do and what britney spears Does (:

    Sorry It's So Long... ;)

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    1. I'd advise getting a waterproof liquid eyeliner, and a kohl pencil. Play about with both of them, experiment with different looks, and decide which you prefer. Don't forget to buy a gentle eye-makeup remover too.

    2. Brown would probably be your best bet - again, look for a palette of different colours and play about with them, find a look that suits you.

    3. I use mineral make-up as it's got great coverage and evens out my awful skintone, without clogging up the skin - it's all natural. If you're going to use a liquid foundation, use a stippling (duo-fibre) brush for a flawless finish.

    4. Waterproof mascara is great for hot days, rainy days, or emotional ones :) but don't use it too much, it's harder to clean off and can pull out your lashes. For normal every-day look, just get a lengthening mascara.

    5. I'd go for lipgloss, it's more fun and youthful. Something sheer and pink/peach coloured.

    6. Baby lotion is meant to work a treat. I just use Liz Earle facial cleanser to remove my face etc. and a store-brand remover for my eye-makeup.

    7. Look on Youtube for Michelle Phan. She has hundreds of videos, lots of them are makeup tutorials that are excellent for beginners.


    If you buy a box of tampons, it'll come with instructions (and usually a bizarre little illustration diagram :)). You basically want your legs parted (some people put one foot on the toilet seat and the other on the floor) and your body upright. Use one hand to hold yourself open, and the other to guide the tampon in. Tampons with applicators are ideal for inexperienced people. But really, it's something that's uncomfortable at first, but that you get used to. Ideally they shouldn't be left in for longer than 8 hours, but it's better to change them every 3-5. Try not to get one that's "stronger" than you need - if your flow is light, get tampons for a light flow etc. And avoid sleeping in a tampon, get pads for bedtime.

    Shaving legs

    1. I prefer the ones where you just replace the head - a razor with multiple blades and a moisturising strip is your best bet, it leaves a smoother finish.

    2. Take your time. If you rush it you'll be covered in little cuts.

    3. Use male shaving foam :) it's exactly the same as female, but it costs less. And it smells like aftershave, but that goes away when you're dry.

    4. Something without perfume - Simple moisturiser is my favourite.

    5. Shave as often as you need to. Some people shave daily, some can get away with it for a few days or even a week - my regrowth is fairly light and thin, so I don't shave my legs every day. In winter I only do it twice a week, because my legs aren't on show. Lazy I know!

    Workout routines

    1. I have heard of it, but I have no idea what it is! Sorry. At your age, I'd recommend just getting into a sport, or dance. Something that's fun, that you'll enjoy doing so it doesn't feel like a chore.

    2. Walk more. When you go up a flight of stairs instead of walking up once, run up, down, then up again. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercise earlier in the day to kickstart your metabolism. Drink plenty of water, and choose water or watered-down juice over fizzy drinks. Choose fruit instead of chocolate or crisps. Take a drink of water between mouthfuls when you eat a meal.

    Good luck :)

  • 9 years ago

    There are many books on beauty subjects that can help. Go to your local library. Experiment with eyeliner. i like pencil or the new on that lasts 24 hours. Most makeup is the same ingredients my brother the pharmacist told me.Eye shadows look best if you use certain ones for your eye color.Mascara gets into your eyes easily and stings so use a brand that is hypo allergenic.Personal hygiene is best discussed with a Nurse or Doctor. Does your school have a Nurse or teacher who you could ask? 13 year olds look best with less makeup as do most women.

  • 9 years ago

    On Make-Up.

    -I would wear MAC brand make-up, because they have really good eyeliner, the liquid is really bad. Get the pencil kind. You can either apply it to your lower eye lid, or your upper lid. Both looks GREAT!

    You should get Olay regenerist, even though it's for adults. It makes your skin look fresh, especially the suncreen SPF 55.

    Mascara is very hard, because if you have to much it'll clump.

    Lip gloss should be like from Clinque, they have this rasberry one, and it's amazing. It makes your lips look shiny, but not too pink.


    -Use a light one, even if you have a heavy period. Because if you leave it in for too long, then you can get a bacterial infection. It's really nasty,( I'm studying)

    Change one every 2-3 hours.

    You should try a light one, first, then try a little bigger one.

    Shaving Legs.

    -Use the ones with the jelly thing around it, so you are lease likely to get a cut.

    Shaving cream, you should use this minty one. It's organic and good for your skin.

    You should shave when you can see like long hair.

  • 9 years ago


    1. Liquid! Top lid, not a thick line with a wing! :)

    2. Neutral, golden ish colors. Although brown looks REALLYY good with purple, just stick with gold cause it's really neutral.

    3. Tinted Moisturizer- like a less cakey version of foundation. Perfect for school. Or MINERAL foundation also good for school. Let's your skin breatheee.

    4. LASH BLAST MASCARA orange tube. I've tried EVERYTHING, and this is the best. Curl eyelashes before. And while you're applying it do it in this motion: when you're applying it (roots first) do it in a side to side & up motion. much better.

    5. NO lipstick. ew. Lip gloss and I love clear :) or just a tinted lip gloss, like a pink.

    6. Olive Oil is really good for your skin and eyemakeup with a cotton ball. Normal face wash for your powder foundation/tinted moisturizer.

    7. Nope, you're good.


    1. On the toilet seat, at an angle going into you, it shouldn;t feel uncomfortable, all of it should go in.

    2. every 3 hours be careful you could get toxic shock syndrome if you don't change it every 3 hours. NEVER SLEEP WITH ONE.

    3.Ones for kids- dittie, they're cheap and smaller for younger kids (I'm 14)


    1. Big fat ones with replaceable heads, I use venus.

    2. Go opposite the motion that they grow. Be very careful at the knees and near the heels. It's easier standing up, or propping your leg up on something (like toilet cover thing or edge of shower)

    3.skintimate shaving cream or just soap but shaving creams are easier and fluffier so you cut yourselves less.

    4. Just lotion aveeno works really good for dry skin but smell wise I LVOELOVELOVE sugar rush by victoria secret it smells like sugar. :) yum.

    5. My hair grows back pretty fast haha so every week. But starting out like every 2 weeks maybe? everyone's hair grows different so whenever you see it and dont like it.


    1. Youtube? haha I have no idea.

    2. RUNNING. squats. situp. crunches. pushups. SWIMMING. any sport, basically.

    Source(s): Hope I helped.
  • 9 years ago

    i personally think u shouldnt wear makeup :) im eighteen and i dont and i personally think i look prettier without it but if you want i say get some really good mascara, it will make your eyes pop out and make you look more awake and that is always beautiful, and maybe lipgloss, any color that you like. and for the tampon situation, i wet the tampon applicator so its smoothier to put in, then while im in the bathroom i put one leg on the toilet seat and insert it, go slow you dont have to force it in bc it will hurt take your time, and u should change it every 2-3 hours just depends on your flow. For shaving leg techniques, i take some hair conditioner and put it on my legs :) it really works well, not alot of course, and u should shave every 2 days depending on how good the razor you get is

    Source(s): personal experiences
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    ok well for make up use a light brown maybe like a little lighter then your skin.also i would use for eyeliner i subjest maybelline define a line u can use black brown sloft brown .and for mascara i like the colossal volum express from maybelline.also for making your skine smothe use fondation also make shure shure to wash your face evernight i subjust the make up remover pads they work the best for me. for the tampon part.also use a light pink or clear lip gloss,shaving raser its the venous.make shure to change your tampon ever 4 houres or 2 depends on your flow.and i cant really help on the workout thing cuz iv never had a waight problem.this is from a 14 teen year old so i had to lern this stuff like 2 years ago .good luck.sorry for the bad grammer

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