Can someone recommend a Miles Davis album for me?

I wanna get a Miles Davis album since I'm a Marcus Miller fan, and I read that they worked together a lot. Bu I don't see Miles Davis having a greatest hits record. Which of his many albums do you think I should listen to first?

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    That's pretty much impossible, because, as a previous poster said, Miles Davis didn't have a single style. Instead, here are his most influential albums, in chronological order:

    1. 'Round About Midnight

    2. Birth of the Cool

    3. Kind of Blue

    4. Sketches of Spain

    5. Bitches Brew

    6. In a Silent Way

    That hardly scratches the surface. If you don't like one CD, try a different one. Miles was constantly innovating.

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    Miles Davis Greatest Hits on CBS 63620

    Source(s): My collection.
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    The reason why Miles has not a greatest hits album is: there are at least 3 of miles Davis.

    To me, the 3 landmark albums are

    first period: kind of blue

    second period: bitches brew

    third period: Decoy

    three totally different styles and three times he changed the way Jazz was going to, three times he made a revolution in Jazz music.

    Miles Forever!

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    "Kind of Blue"

    His output was incredible and he frequently changed the course of jazz music, but this album is his greatest accomplishment. Everything else goes after this one, for me.

    Everyone on this record is a giant. I get shivers thinking about what it must have been like to be in that studio when this was being recorded.

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    On the Corner

    and his early recordings with Charlie Parker are amazing!

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    Definitely start with "Kind of Blue". From there move on to "Birth of the Cool". Good luck!

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    All of them!!! Or, Kind of Blue

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