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Why does google maps label Alaska as a US state instead of a Canadian State, like it really is?

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    I live in Alaska.........

    ............ you know all those different states the United States has? They started with 13 back in 1776? Then added more and more as time went on? They added Alaska to the United States in 1959.

    About 51 years ago.

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    Because it is a State of the United States of America.

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    hmmm.... maybe you should have paid more attention in school.

    Alaska is a state, part of the United States, the 49th state to be exact.

    Let me guess you thought it was part of Canada because of its location, right? time to go back to basic geography. Or at least read wikipedia:

    Source(s): American from the great state of Alaska
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    i always thought canada has provinces and not states

    and i always thought the united states was call that because it has states and not provinces

    and during my short 60+ years i have never heard of any animosity from canada about alaska being considered a state

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