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Why does my parrot hate me all of a sudden?

So a couple days ago my amazon parrot just out of the blue started screeching at me as soon as I uncovered him in the morning. Since then he won't let me near him and screeched every time I go past him. I've had him for two years, and he's always been the sweetest most cuddling bird ever! Usually he's dying to get on my shoulder and always wants to be with me. He's done this in the past, but it usually only lasts less than a day. This has been about four days now and nothings changing? Is there reason for this or he just in a really bad mood? What can I do to help him get over this and get my loving parrot back? As lame as it sounds, it really upsets me cause I feel like he's mad at me? Also he's not whistling or singing, I know he's not sick, but should I take him to the vet anyways? Any help or suggestions what be very much appreciated!!


He has a super clean cage, new toys every other week, and I give him a bath everyday, and usually I take him outside once day now that it's summer and I usually interact with him all the time through out the day...just right he won't even let me get near him.

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    Yes take him to an avian vet. Chances are good that he is fine, however any time a bird has a sudden change in behavior it is possible that the bird is sick. One of my friends called me when her macaw suddenly began screaming frequently and then stopped making any noise. She did not tell me about the black diarrhea until she returned from the vet. Her macaw had lead poisoning. The bird was screaming because of the discomfort and became quiet once she was too sick to scream. The vet had just seen a cockatoo with the same symptoms earlier in the week. So, she X-rayed the macaw right away. The macaw had six tiny lead balls in her from their curtains.

    Your bird could have a number of different aliments and he could be in a breeding cycle. You can reduce breeding behavior by moving his cage to a different location every night. His cage is the most likely spot that he considers to be his nest. By moving it around he doesn't have a secure place to nest. Taking him to the vet may also put a break in his routine and can reduce breeding urges. If you find that he calms down after the vet visit then begin breaking up his routine and start taking him outside the house more. Go to bird friendly homes and rides in the car. Any place safe were he can have fun and a change in routine. Change is not conducive to reproduction.

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    It most likely sounds to me like whatever occurred to him even as he was once at the speaker. You would possibly wish to assess and spot if the wires weren't the entire method installed and he could have probably been surprised a tiny bit even as he was once up there? I'm now not designated WHAT has occurred, nevertheless in case your hen remains to be permitting your mom to keep him- it indicates somehing occurred that day that he comparable immediately to you, despite the fact that it wasn't you. You would possibly now have got to begin at 'flooring 0' and by way of speaking with him lightly, gradual pursuits, sole care giver, and many others construct his believe up once more. Be conscious this would take a brief period of time or a long time earlier than you're capable to re-determine his believe.

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    I have 3 male amazons. One won't let you touch him, one will let you scratch him but will bite you after, and one is a total flirt and sweetheart. Amazons are very unpredictable, one my double yellow headed was kissing me and then bit me on the lip. They really aren't "Velcro birds" like cockatoos. It may be mating season or you have upset him.

    Source(s): I am the daughter of someone who has a Bird Rescue/ Bird Hotel!
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    You bird might have skin irritations,dirty environment, boredom. Or maybe its in need of a mate. OR it doesn't get enough sleep. birds are like humans, if they do not get 10-12 hours of sleep per day, they will be GRUMPY THE NEXT DAY. good luck!!

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    Could be a couple of things going on - it is mating season, so he is hormonal. It is also molting season. My guys get grouchy when molting.

    I would keep treating him the same as much as possible. It'll blow over.

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    After mating season is over he will be ok the same old bird you love.

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