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will a 2000 watt generator power a house?

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    2000 watts will get you by in a power outage if all you want is a few lights and the computer or TV. A whole house generator to run all appliances including hot wtaer and air conditioning would need to be 15,000 to 20,000 watts. A little less is you have natural gas for hot water

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    will a 2000 watt generator power a house?

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    a heater, a hair dryer or an iron will consume about 1100 watts, so it is not likely that 2 kw will power your whole house - you may need to manage the load

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    A typical house has 200-400amp service in the US - a bit less in Europe and Japan. 200 amps at 240VAC is 48KW or 24KW at 120VAC (the service in the US is usually 240VAC but outlets are usually 120VAC for most house loads) 2KW would be much less than the 'peak' load the house is wired for, which may be fine for a few lights and a small refrigerator load, but would not be sufficient most major loads like heating/air conditioning, larger refrigerators etc.

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    2 KW will give you some lights and keep your fridge running.

    That's about it.- No capacity large appliances, AC or heat.

    If you have a well pump, or electric hot water heater, it's way too small.

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