can a 60 gallon air compressor fill 68/4500 tanks?

I live in a town that has one paintball field and I'm involved in a very large group of paintball players, the field I go to is just to over priced and I the land to make a paintball field on, I'm looking at air compressors to fill the tanks, and I was wondering if a 60 gallon air compressor can fill 68/4500 hpa tanks? If anyone can answere this or tell me about a cheap compressor that can fill these tanks I would be very thankful. Also I was wondering what the servicing on air compressors is like and how much it would cost, and how often it would be.


Thank you very much ^.^ I'll get everyone to chip in so we can get one. I apperciate the time.

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    9 years ago
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    NO a normal household or shop compressor CANNOT fill tanks...

    u need a special compressor that goes up to 5k psi...standard compressors top at won't work at all... ^^ need something like this or similar to fill compressed air tanks.....

    they aren't cheap bottom of the line ones sell for around $2500 them for more...u can find some used but risky to buy since cannot test things over the internet....

  • 3 years ago

    particular you may convert it, besides the undeniable fact that it is designed to compress a refrigerant, no longer air. This makes it inefficient to boot as sluggish. additionally, you'll be able to desire to do away with the refrigerant at a collection website. the quantity of money this might value you would be so plenty better than it would to flow on your place restoration keep and purchase an air compressor with an 8 gallon tank with each and all of the fittings and hoses secure.

  • 9 years ago

    If it has an output of 4500psi or more then yes. But most likely the one your looking at wont. Most compressors that will have an output of 4500psi cost about $5000 min. You can find used ones on ebay for around $3000.

    Service on air compressors are easy. Just keep them clean and make sure you empty them out every few weeks to make sure there is no water inside the tank to make the tank rust.

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