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Baby Names for triplets Rate 1-10?

Ok so before i thought that i was having twins but i went for another ultrasound and they found another baby girl, so I am having 2 girls and 1 boy. I need help for a boy name cuz all the ones i had before i dont really lke anymore. i also need help with middle names that flow well thank!

Jamilyn Jordan<pronounced-Jamie-lynn>

Teslyn Marie

Hadley Renee

Alana Louise

Aubrie Lynne

AnnaLeigh Rose

Leah Marie

McKenna Grace

Daniella Carli

Madelynn Skye

Alyssa Marie

Alina ???

Anissa ???

Mia ???

Zoey ???

Keele Anne

Cassadee ???

Cassandra ???

MaKynzie Raine

Jessabel Janice<Jez-UH-Bell>

Maddison Hope(Madison)

Audrey Camille

Sydney Jane

Kourtney May

Natalie Renee (RA-nay)

Hayleigh Marie(I absolutely hate the spelling Hayley or Hailey or Haley)

Viktorya Lynne(Lynne is a family name and i will NOT change the spelling)(Vicki for short)

Audrey Carolyn

Brianne Carter

Kendall Alice


Bradley Joseph

Shaun Cameron

Tyler Jordan

Derrick Chandler

Jashua Nolan (Joshua)

Braden Seth

Ashton Taylor

Cristofer Drew

Rylan Trace

Dylan Malcolm

Cristian Matthew

Justin Keith

Brody ???

Carter Seth

Bryan Reid

Jesse Leon

Kyle Brenden

Jasper Brandon

Brent Taylor

Tyler Jordan

Ethan Milo

???=needs middle name

Mkay if you want to change the spelling to anything else then just say so. :]

Oh and no rude comments on how the names are spelled

If you want to change the middle name it would be helpful if you tell me also thanks:]


Oh and Aria Nicole is one of my all time favorites!

14 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    Jamilyn Jordan (too many J's) 5 (Maybeee, just have Jamie Lynn or JamieLynn as her whole name...Lynn as the middle name either way)

    Hadley Renee 5 (Maybe Hadley Rose?? :))

    Alana Louise 7

    Aubrie Lynne 9

    AnnaLeigh Rose 10 (This is really really pretty!!!)

    Leah Marie 8

    McKenna Grace 9 (McKenna is really pretty)

    Daniella Carli 4 (Not a big fan of either sry...)

    Madelynn Skye 9 (Goes well together. Skye is a pretty first name as well)

    Alyssa Marie 6 (Alyssa is too over used. in my opinion, but its still a pretty name)

    Alina 2 (Dont really like the name Alina. How about Aleigha Rose?)

    Anissa 2 (Not a big fan)

    Mia 9 (If its pronounced Mea, then Mia Rose...If its pronounced Maya then Mia Jane)

    Zoey 5 (Never liked the name.)

    Keele Anne 7 (This goes really well together. I like it a lot!)

    Cassadee 3 (nah)

    Cassandra Marie 9

    MaKynzie Raine 7 (Goes well but dont really like the name MaKynzie)

    Jessabel Janice<Jez-UH-Bell> 1/2

    Maddison Hope(Madison) 7

    Audrey Camille 4 (Audrey Leigh/ Audrey Lynn is cuter in my opinion)

    Sydney Jane 5 (Sydney May is cute)

    Kourtney May 8

    Natalie Renee (RA-nay) 6 (Natalie Jane is cute too)

    Hayleigh Marie 9

    Viktorya Lynne 7 (I like Victoria better)

    Audrey Carolyn 3

    Brianne Carter 3 (Dont really like the name Brianne and Carter sounds too masculine)

    Kendall Alice 5 (Kendall Marie is cute)

    Aria Nicole 6 (Aleigha Nicole is pretty)

    (How about Hillary Anne. Random but I think its pretty)

    Whoo! Time for the Boys! Haha.

    Bradley Joseph 5

    Shaun Cameron (Johnathon Cameron???)

    Tyler Jordan 4 (Jordan Tyler 7/8)

    Derrick Chandler 5 (I like the name Chandler kinda. Not so much Derrick)

    Jashua Nolan (Joshua) 8 (Nolan Joshua is also cute)

    Braden Seth 5 (Braeden Ryan is cute)

    Ashton Taylor 9 (Oh! I really like this one)

    Cristofer Drew 7 (Christopher)

    Rylan Trace 5 (What do you think of the name Ryder?)

    Dylan Malcolm 8 (Cute!)

    Cristian Matthew 6 (Too common!)

    Justin Keith 7

    Brody Lee 8/9 (I like it! Its adorable)

    Carter Seth 7 (Seth Carter)

    Bryan Reid 7

    Jesse Leon 7 (How about Jesse Liam?? 8)

    Kyle Brenden 8/9 (Very common but still cute!)

    Jasper Brandon 6

    Brent Taylor 6

    Tyler Jordan 8 (Cute!)

    Ethan Milo 7 (Not a big fan of Milo! I love the name Ethan though!)

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  • Emmiie
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Aria Nicole~7/10

    Jamilyn Jordan~3/10

    Teslyn Marie~4/10

    Hadley Renee~9/20

    Alana Louise~3/10

    Aubrie Lynne~6/10

    AnnaLeigh Rose~7/10

    Leah Marie~7/10

    McKenna Grace~6/10

    Daniella Carli~5/10

    Madelynn Skye~5/10

    Alyssa Marie~5/10

    Alina MARIA

    Anissa ARBELLE

    Mia CECILE

    Zoey SKYANNE

    Keele Anne~7/10

    Cassadee ROSE

    Cassandra DENISE

    MaKynzie Raine~7/10 (what about MaKynzie Renee?!)

    Jessabel Janice~2/10

    Maddison Hope~4/10

    Audrey Camille~4/10

    Sydney Jane~5/10

    Kourtney May~4/10

    Natalie Renee~4/10

    Hayleigh Marie~6/10

    Viktorya Lynne~2/10 (Victoria is gorgeous, and Viktorya isn't bad, but Vicki is awful.)

    Audrey Carolyn~3/10

    Brianne Carter~5/10

    Kendall Alice~4/10

    Bradley Joseph~5/10

    Shaun Cameron~7/10

    Tyler Jordan~4/10

    Derrick Chandler~2/10

    Jashua Nolan~2/10

    Braden Seth~4/10

    Ashton Taylor~6/10

    Cristofer Drew~5/10

    Rylan Trace~7/10

    Dylan Malcolm~4/10

    Cristian Matthew~3/10

    Justin Keith~7/10

    Brody MAVERICK

    Carter Seth~4/10

    Bryan Reid~5/10

    Jesse Leon~4/10

    Kyle Brenden~4/10

    Jasper Brandon~9/10

    Brent Taylor~5/10

    Tyler Jordan~4/10

    Ethan Milo~9/10

    If I was you, I would name the triplets Aria Nicole, MaKynzie Renee, and Ethan Milo. Aria, MaKynzie, and Ethan.

    Congratulations, and Good luck!!!!!


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  • 1 decade ago

    Audrey Lynne is very pretty, Audrey after the Saint, Jessabel Alice go well together, love those. Also Jessabel Ivy go together too, that is pretty too and Ivy not being over used backs up Jessabel which is also unique.

    Jashua Nolan said the way it is spelt is a great name, unique and something of his own, also like Jasper Seth or Jasper Levi, two great names also. Congrats on the expected babies a shock for you yet a wonderful surprise.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's A LOT to rate. So I'll just tell you some of my favorite combos :)

    Aubrie Lynne-Leah Marie-Justin Keith

    Audrey Camille-McKenna Grace-Bradley Joseph

    Maddison Hope-Zoey (maybe Lucille?)-Rylan Trace

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Aria Nicole, Maddison Hope, and Bryan Reid. Congratulations!

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  • manny
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I think you should definitely go with Aria Nicole because A. It's one of your all time favourites B. It's fricken adorable and C. well I don't have a C.

    My favourite out of your girls list is of course Aria Nicole and Teslyn Marie (Tessa for a nickname)

    And for a boy I LOVE the name Brody. Perhaps, Brody James, Brody Tate, Brody (your husband/father/grandfathers name/middle name)

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  • Leah Marie, Joshua Nolan, and instead of Brianne Carter how about Brianna Nicole (since nicole is your favorite.)


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  • 1 decade ago

    well if aria Nicole is your fave then go with it!

    It's cute too

    so I'd suggest:

    Aria Nicole

    Alyssa Marie OR Alana Louise (both are really cuuute)

    - I know both first names start with 'A' I think it's cute but might not be everybodys cup of tea

    Tyler Jordan for the boy

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  • 1 decade ago

    Madelynn Skye, Viktorya Lynn and Cristian Matthew (Maddie, Vikki and Cris)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I really like Coutney May, Brianne Carter & Tyler Jordan

    :) Courtney, Brianne & Tyler sounds really cute!!

    other names i like are:

    Aria Nicole

    Mia Kaitlyn

    Kendall Alice

    Cristian matthew

    Carter Seth

    Brent Taylor

    :) Congrats!!

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