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Do you think that the problem is that people want to diet for a week, and be skinny forever?

Instead of changing eating habits long-term, to be thin long-term. How does it make sense to just diet for 2 weeks and think you're gonna be skinny for the rest of your life?

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    I think you have answered your own question.

    Eat less, but more healthily and exercise more.

    It does require a certain will-power but it is achievable if you give it time and stick to it. I was talking yesterday to a woman who had lost 70 lbs over 3 years.

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    Most of these "dedicated" dieters quit before they even start. Many of them fail to realize its not just about what you eat (diet pills) and "poof!" your thin in a week or so. Much of it has to do with pushing yourself beyond your normal boundaries and given a lot of these types are very very lazy to begin with, stop physically excerting themselves the moment they feel any kind of fatigue or burn. Therefore they are only excersing like a skinny person would to keep somewhat trim. It's so much easier to stop when the "pain" starts, but if they continue through the pain somewhat subsides and you begin to actually Workout.

    The key factor is not to just exercise or workout but the need to Train yourself to be thin. Remember: Exercise is recreational exercise, working out is to push your body and to train is to work for a specific purpose. There are a lot of people that need to be re-educated in these simple definitions.

    Cutting the point: Train yourself to 1) push your body to its limits and beyond, 2) Consume healthier foods, and 3) change the things in your life that are causing some of the overweight problems (hypo-thyroid, allergies, etc). Its a complete Self-Development Program that sadly a lot of people need but are too damn lazy and natural quiters to even begin. "Just the thought of it is exhausting." Instead, try to think of it as, "that's all I gotta do." Then take it one small goal (step) at a time.

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    b/c they are just trying "for the moment" thinking that those measly 2 weeks did something for them for long term when they know that in order for something to last they have to stick with it but be healthy with it...

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    i agree its silly to diet for a week then go back to eating junk, people need to stick to their good eating habits

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