How many times per year can I purchase a temporary 15 day registration for my car, in Utah?

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    Utah Code §41-1a-211

    When purchasing from a private seller, you may obtain a temporary permit from any DMV office by presenting proof of ownership, proof of insurance and picture identification and paying all required registration and permit fees. The permit fee is $6.00 and is valid for 15 days. The permit allows the new owner to operate a vehicle on the highways while the vehicle's permanent registration process is being completed. All required fees for titling and registering the vehicle are due at the time of obtaining the permit.

    Additionally, if you have purchased a vehicle and are waiting for a title to be delivered, such as from an out-of-state bank, you may visit a DMV office to obtain a temporary permit. The local DMV office decides upon the length of validity for this permit based on your circumstances.

    Obtaining License Plates from Dealer

    If a dealer sells a vehicle to an individual and does not issue a temporary permit, the dealer has 48 hours to deliver a negotiable title to the individual.

    Once a dealer has sold a vehicle to a Utah resident and has issued a temporary permit, the dealer has 45 days to obtain the registration and license plates from the Motor Vehicle Division and to submit the paperwork to the DMV. If a dealer fails to comply within 45 days, the purchaser may return the purchased motor vehicle to the dealer and demand a complete refund of all money and other consideration given for the purchase, including any motor vehicles or property traded in. If the dealer has sold the motor vehicle or property traded in, Utah law requires the dealer to return to the purchaser the amount of money equivalent to the value of the motor vehicle or property as allowed toward the purchase. Any loan payments or interest due between the sale date and the return date on either the motor vehicle purchased or a motor vehicle traded in, are the responsibility of the dealer.

    The dealer shall accept the return of the purchased motor vehicle if the purchaser returns the motor vehicle and requests in writing that the purchase be rescinded. The purchaser must also provide the dealer with a written Odometer Disclosure Statement, TC-891, and pay the dealer an amount equal to the current standard mileage rate for the cost of operating a motor vehicle established by the Internal Revenue Service for each mile the vehicle was driven between the date the purchaser first acquired possession and the date when the purchaser returned the motor vehicle to the dealer.

    This demand may be made directly by the customer, the customer's attorney or the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division. Contact the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division at (801) 297-2600 to file a complaint. An investigator will help you resolve the problem.


    So, once, but it can be renewed once if it's from a private party if the DMV feels it necessary and for a time period of their choosing.

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    the only thank you to amplify a 30 day tag is that if the call is being held up with the aid of the motor vehicle broking or you're waiting for a reproduction call from the State or you need to tag it in SD then re-sign up it in Mich then take the SD tag returned to SD for a reimbursement. Or sell it to somebody the purchase it returned.

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