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Are Obama's supporters just stupid?? Obama: "we follow through with our campaign promises"?

Or do they have some kind of sick fetish where they simply enjoy being lied to over and over again??

“Folks don’t mean what they say, and they don’t do what they say,” Obama said. “People get surprised when we follow through and keep our campaign promises.”

“Yes we can,” someone yelled.

“Yes we did,” Obama said before jetting off to Las Vegas to headline a trio of events for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “And we’re still doing it.”

1. Obama PROMISING to have *transparent* healthcare reform negotiations on CSPAN (I believe he promised this appx. 8 times as a candidate). Obviously, the passage of this bill involved nothing but backroom deals and bribes.......

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2. This is literally an Obama campaign add saying we shouldn't vote for McCain because he would add appx $5 trillion to the national debt. (WOW!) "As we borrow from China to fund his [McCain] spending spree, ask yourself: Can we afford John McCain?" (WOW!)

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3. Candidate Obama [on CNN] referring to healthcare mandates: "If a mandate was the solution, we could try to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house. The reason they don't have a house is that they don't have the money."

He also bashed his Democratic opponent during the primary for supporting an individual mandate to buy health insurance:

"Under any mandate, you're going to have a problem with people who end up don't having health coverage………. there would also be people potentially who are not covered AND ARE ACTUALLY HURT IF THEY HAVE A MANDATE IMPOSED ON THEM."

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4. He PROMISED to publicly finance his campaign, until he decided he didn't want to do that anymore. (Being the favored corporate candidate brings in a whole lot more money apparently….lol)

"If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election."

- Barack Obama, fall 2007

"We've made the decision not to participate in the public financing system for the general election."

- Barack Obama, June 19, 2008

5. Senator Obama bashing the use of reconciliation to pass a piece of legislation. (But it's cool once his people got in know, double standards and all.)

"We need to rise above the ends justify the means mentality" (WOW!)

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6.Then there was that PhRMA deal. (eww) ANOTHER Obama campaign ad: "I don't want to learn how to play the game better, I want to put an end to the game." Ironically the guy [Billy Tauzin] Obama is bashing in this campaign ad is THE SAME GUY who cut a backroom deal with OBAMA's White House on PhRMA's behalf to restrict any negotiations on prescription drugs. HMMMMM.......

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The Legacy of Billy Tauzin: The White House-PhRMA Deal

7. He PROMISED “no lobbyists will find a job in my White House.” But hey, you can always make an exception (or 40 exceptions) to your own ban on lobbyists , right??

Obama makes a mockery of his own lobbyist ban

8. He PROMISED to allow FIVE DAYS for the public to view ANY BILL the Congress passed before he signed it into law. If I’m not mistaken, he hasn’t even kept this promise ONCE.

"Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk"

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(He also sprinkles in some more bullsh*t about lobbyists not running his White House…)

9. Then there was that promise about earmarks and wasteful spending….LOL

“We [Obama administration] are going to BAN ALL EARMARKS…”

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“When I am president, I will go line by line to make sure we are not spending money unwisely” (This was a debate with John McCain)

10, 11, 12, 13, 14 etc.

You know: Promising he would re-negotiate NAFTA, saying he would close Guantanamo in his first year, saying he would push for immigration reform in his first year, not raising taxes on “95% “ of Americans, bring the troops home from Iraq in his first 16 months, end don’t ask don’t tell.


To clarify: I'm not saying I agree with every position he had as a candidate. But to claim he kept his promises is bald face LIE.

Update 2:

GScott.........."I love how you forget to mention the subsidies that would go into effect to insure people are following the mandates"

I didn't forget. We're discussing PROMISES. Remember??

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    Maybe you are stupid, for asking this question. As you know all politicians promise something while campaigning for office. Once they take office and realize that there promises are much harder to accomplish then they thought. Obama promised CHANGE, well he did that in his own screwed up way. Did he know we would fall into a recession when he was campaigning, NO. The recession was caused by a lot of things during the BUSH years. If it was up to me, i would have kept BUSH in office for another 4yrs. Im neither a OBAMA or BUSH supporter. I am definitely not a tea party supporter. I fall in the Ross Perot group.

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  • 4 years ago

    Historically presidents only follow through on approximately 25% of their campaign promises. Typically, they hope to do all of them, that's why they promise...and then they find out that getting things done in Washington is a lot like breeding elephants.... It takes place with a great deal of roaring and screaming. It takes place at a high level. It takes two years to get results. I'm sure most of them mean well, but no president can just walk in and do whatever they want, no matter how well meaning. And Obama is no different. I hope he can do some of the things he promises, but after looking at past presidents, both Democrat and Republican, I just really don't expect it.

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  • 10 years ago

    First I'll compliment you for using a source like

    2nd I'll criticize you for ONLY pointing those things NOT done. He has a list 3 times as long of accomplishments.

    Many of the things on his not done list are no different than other politicians if you are old enough to remember past elections. (Daddy Bush "read my lips")

    Many are due to GOP obstructionism (300 House bills stopped in the Senate)

    Some were from just being naive

    Some from an overzealous appetite

    Some for political advantage.

    I urge anyone that reads this to visit

    Obama is not perfect but he was handed the nastiest plate of food to eat since any of you were born and EVERY President that gets elected has a learning curve. He is your duly elected President and as such he is deserving of your respect while he tries his best to heal our nation.

    Critiques, where you don't agree and along with positive suggestions, are welcome and is your responsibility as a good American

    Bashing our President for no reason other than "I don't agree" is immature and UnAmerican.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Which of the following promises did he "follow through" on:

    Transparent government/Health care debate on CSPAN

    No lobbyists

    End the Patriot Act

    End warrantless wiretaps

    End wars and bring home troops

    End DADT

    Close GITMO/end indefinite detention without charges

    Oppose health insurance mandate and fine

    Allow imported prescription drugs

    Reform free trade

    Ya, call me if any of those things ever happen.

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  • 10 years ago

    I love how you forget to mention the subsidies that would go into effect to insure people are following the mandates... Also, you want transparent negotiations, but you refuse to be bi-partisan in any way. You can't expect to come to a solution when the person you're arguing with just disagrees with anything you say, even if you agree with them.

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  • 10 years ago

    I could actually add to that list. He really is the best president we have ever had at telling lies and duping people. He is the epitome of a "baby kissing" sycophantic politician.

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  • 10 years ago

    No Obama supporters are not stupid! We are just better informed about the issues and we know that Obama is 100 times better that Bush was and will always be better than any right wing nutjob!

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  • 10 years ago

    Obama needs to make affirmative action for white men only, I am sick and tired

    of women coming from around the corner and around the world without skills

    and taking all the jobs from us white men. and the colored guys needs to give

    the white man his job. remember give jobs to the white man before he has to

    take it away from you women or colored guy. white rights and mens rights equal

    white mens rights. white power and man power equal a white mans power.

    in Best Buy, Radio Shack all the stores in the mall. first go to white men

    then we do some reverse discrimination and tell women and colored there are

    no jobs or tell a woman we hire men or colored guy we hire whites. what goes around comes around. 21st century employment is for white men

    Source(s): MR. John McCain for president forever at least a white man has to earn a job not steal a job like women and colored guys.
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  • 10 years ago

    As a former Obama supporter I'm beginning to think so.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Reality has a liberal bias will be cutting and pasting fake stats any moment now.

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