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Do you like these girls names? rate them. middle names?

i love these girl names please rate them and can i have middle name suggestions.







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    Scale of 1-5

    Audrey 3; middle names: Audrey Louise, Audrey Mae, Audrey Catherine

    Skye 2; middle names: Skye Leigh, Skye Elaine, Skye Abigail

    Autumn 4; middle names: Autumn Noelle, Autumn Brielle, Autumn Danielle

    Rose 2; middle names: Rose Jaqueline, Rose Victoria, Rose Marie

    Lillian 3.7; middle names: Lillian Olivia, Lillian Georgia, Lillian Samantha

    Carter 4.8; middle names: Carter Leann, Carter Grace, Carter Diana

    Carter is my favorite name out of this list.

    Hope I helped!!!

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    10 years ago

    Audrey 3/10 - Not a big fan of it. Mainly because I have bad associations with it.

    Skye 2/10 I really don't like this name for some reason. It just sounds so cheap and trashy.

    Autumn 6/10 - Very pretty name. I like it.

    Rose 1/10 - Not a fan. It's so overused these days, as well as just so plain and dull.

    Lillian 1/10 - Eh, not a fan. It's too dated for my taste.

    Carter 10/10 - LOVE this for a girl. I'm considering it as well. I think it's precious!

    Audrey Savannah

    Audrey Camille

    Audrey Paloma

    Audrey Lisette

    Audrey Serafina

    Audrey Marissa

    Audrey Pearl

    Skye Josephine

    Skye Anneliese

    Skye Leona

    Skye Annabelle

    Skye Miranda

    Autumn Elise

    Autumn Kendall

    Autumn Freya

    Autumn Delphine

    Autumn Cassidy

    Autumn Juliet

    Autumn Sage

    Autumn Supriya

    Autumn Selena

    Autumn Sydney

    Rose Geneva

    Rose Nicolette

    Rose Brooklyn

    Rose Amalie

    Rose Mirabel

    Rose Alena

    Lillian Samantha

    Lillian Tamara

    Lillian Carys

    Lillian Maeve

    Lillian Caprice

    Lillian Georgia

    Lillian Darcy

    Lillian Meadow

    Carter Jessalyn

    Carter Alessandra

    Carter Rhiannon

    Carter April;

    Carter Elodie

    Carter Linnea

    Carter Tamsin

    Carter Selene

    Carter Savannah

    Carter Josephine

    Carter Maelin

    Carter Hadley

    Carter Reagan

    Carter Reese

    Carter Whitney

    Carter Daphne

    Carter Alia

    Carter Maëlle

    Carter Alexis


  • 10 years ago

    Audrey 9/10

    Audrey Lynn, Audrey Lane, Audrey Marisol, Audrey Catarina, Audrey Deeanne

    Skye 6/10

    Skye Arabelle, Skye Mia, Skye Katherine, Skye Yvette, Skye Elisabeth

    Autumn 10/10

    Autumn Noah, Autumn Marie, Autumn Teagan, Autumn Ashleigh, Autumn Nikole

    Rose 4/10

    Rose Elizabeth, Rose Samantha, Rose Olivia, Rose Reagan, Rose Emma

    Lillian 6/10

    Lillian Marie, Lillian Taylor, Lillian Colette, Lillian Jude, Lillian Peyton

    Carter 10/10

    Carter Jennica, Carter Rylee, Carter Everleigh, Carter Mia, Carter Loretta

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    Audrey: 7/10. Pretty!

    Audrey Blair

    Audrey Scarlett

    Audrey Elise

    Skye: 4/10. I can't picture this name on an adult.

    Skye Alexandra

    Skye Michaela

    Skye Olivia

    Autumn: 6/10. Not one of my favorites, but it's pretty.

    Autumn Caroline

    Autumn Amanda (if you're okay with 2 A's)

    Autumn Kathleen

    Rose: 6/10. Overused as a middle name, nice as a first name.

    Rose Annaliese

    Rose Christina

    Rose Elaina

    Lillian: 7/10. A strong name with a cute nickname (Lily).

    Lillian Alyssa

    Lillian Jennifer

    Lillian Rachel

    Carter: 0/10. A boy's name or a surname.

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  • Meg
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    10 years ago

    Audrey - 9/10

    Audrey Melissa

    Audrey Kathryn

    Skye - 8/10

    Skye Alexis

    Skye Meredith

    Autumn - 7/10

    Autumn Olivia

    Autumn Sienna

    Rose - 7/10

    Rose Alexandra

    Rose Kathleen

    Lillian - 8/10

    Lillian Renee

    Lillian Kate

    Carter - 3/10 for a girl, 7/10 for a boy

    Carter Jane

    Carter Brooke

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    ~Audrey 5/10

    Audrey Marie

    Audrey Skye

    Audrey Brielle

    ~Skye 8/10

    Skye Paige

    Skye Savannah

    ~Autumn 3/10

    Autumn Noelle

    Autumn Hannah

    Autumn Kate

    ~Rose 4/10

    Rose Leighton

    Rose Paige

    Rose Nicole

    Rose Jade

    ~Lillian 5/10

    Lillian Cole

    Lillian Oliva

    Lillian Sage

    Lillian Audrina

    ~Carter 2/10 for a girl but i love it on a boy!

    hope this helped (:

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    Audrey reminds me of coronation street. skye, autumn and rose are lovely lillian not so keen and carter sounds like a boys name. Autumn then rose as middle name sounds nice but names depend on the surname too cause it might not go together.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I really like Audrey, Lillian, and Carter. I am not a fan of the rest, sorry...

    Audrey Lynn

    Lillian Rose

    Carter Madison

  • Audrey - lovely and classic, my favorite from your list

    Skye - a bit too much of a hippie name for me

    Autumn - more of a season than a name to me, but it's okay

    Rose - lovely, especially as a first name

    Lillian - pretty, I prefer Lilith but it's very classy

    Carter - not a girl name

    My favorites in order: Audrey, Rose, Lillian

    Audrey Genevieve

    Audrey Camille

    Audrey Emmeline

    Rose Magdalene

    Rose Amelia

    Rose Felicity

    Lillian Charlotte

    Lillian Eve

    Lillian Colette

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I like Rose, Lillian, Carter, and I suppose Audrey.

    Autumn I've had issues with lately, I don't like the sound of it. Skye is disgusting, I'm sick of the "Sky" trend.

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