Ladies, why is "nerdy" bad?

I'm fascinated by environmental hydrology and I'm going to school for environmental engineering. BUT

I'm interested in all things "normal" too. I'm good looking, I play volleyball and tennis, I work out and have a ripped body, I love having fun, I have great social skills, etc. But whenever a girl hears about what I'm studying, and what I'm passionate about, she's immediately turned off and labeling me as a nerd.

Why is being a nerd so horrible? Being a jock isn't so great, most of those guys are immature, selfish, and treat girls like dirt. Yet, that's what girls like.

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's not horrible, not at all.

    It's what you like, and if a girl doesn't like it or thinks that it's bad, then it's her lost that she doesn't appreciate your passion about it. This kind of girls really annoy me, and even though that I'm a girl I still don't know why do they think that if a guy is interested in science and knowledge is bad, or a loser, or whatever they call it, they're immature and they don't have a clue about real life, they're blinded by the looks and appearance.

  • 10 years ago

    Nah, it just depends on the girl. I don't think nerdy is bad at all. You can't change what you love to do just because girls don't like it, they're just being shallow. Most girls will want someone whos going to treat them with respect and not take advantage of them :)

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