Keith Olbermann vs Glenn Beck?

Ok im aware that as a leftist, im kinda in the Lions den here. I want to ask if Keith Olbermann is more or less crazy than Glenn Beck, and explain. Please i would prefer a decent, well thought out answer, not "KEETH ODERFAG IS GAY!!!!11" or anything like that.

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    i watched Glenn Beck's show one time, when he was going on about all the communist symbols hidden in the artwork of the lobby of rockefeller center and i was reminded of two things.

    the first was Louis Farrakhan's 3 hour speech at the "million man march", when he was going off about numerology symbols and his visions of elijah mohammed - that was a pretty wacky speech, even for him...

    Beck's diatribe was also reminiscent of the evangelist preachers of the 80's and 90's who tried to convince america that the human mind could perceive and be influenced by satanic messages reverse-tracked into rock & roll recordings.

    Keith Olberman is cynical, sarcastic, and very liberal... but he hasn't completely lost touch with reality the way Beck and his ilk have. Beck puts Olberman to shame in the "who is nuttier" category.

  • Di
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    10 years ago

    I have to admit I have been learning more about the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution watching Glenn Beck lately. While Glenn has a quirky personality and is a bit of an arm waver, he makes more sense than Olbermann. You can get information from Beck, but get more of the same from Olbermann as he doesn't seem to be willing to do the research.

  • rrm38
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    10 years ago

    I don't necessarily believe either of them is crazy, unless you mean like a fox. I think they're both ideologues who believe in what they say. The rest is fluff & drama designed to keep viewers tuning in. Above all else, they are both capitalists interested in selling themselves to earn more money. That may make Olbermann a little more of a hypocrite given his message of saving the poor, but in the end they're really not all that different from one another. They're entertainers with a message, and they're both decent at marketing themselves.

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    I have watched both. Olbermann is the worst of the two.

    I think Beck wants America back to following the ways of Law and the Constitution and back to the beliefs and ideals of the founders of America.

    I think Olbermann is a liberal Progressive and becomes rabid because he can't convince people that his way is right and wants to change America into a more socialist society.

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  • 10 years ago

    Olberman, makes up his own facts as Beck has a research team fact find for him.

    Kieth is one of the most hateful people I have ever seen on any of the media channels, I have never heard Beck say anything hateful towards anyone out of pure malice like Olberman (controversial yes, but hateful no).

    I think Olberman is a hateful homo !

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Glenn Beck is more entertainment than politics

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    10 years ago

    American Death Toll In Afghanistan Under O:

    2009+20010: 867

    Is Olberman still counting? or has the mounting death toll under O make him give up on this particularly repulsive detail on his nightly show.

    Remember how they would all wail and scream over deaths in Iraq under Bush, but say nothing now.

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    10 years ago

    I'd prefer...

    locking them both in a small room with:

    TWO baseball bats...

    a bottle of water

    and a sandwich...


    CREDIBILITY-wise Comrade Keith CEASED making sense when he got off-topic of DATA he could actually understand...



    Source(s): 20 Jan 2013 THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!
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    10 years ago

    Two sides of the same coin. Olberman is less hate based, but they both appeal to people who want to hear someone lecture. Personally I don't like either, but Olberman is funnier, also less likely to appeal to racists and fear mongers.

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