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Sunnis, will you ever go to Shia majority countries like Iraq, Iran, or Bahrain?

Or will you go to other regions with majority Shia populations like north Lebanon or west Yemen?

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  • Susan
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    9 years ago
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    Probably Iran only, Thats the only one where I would understand their language. Im not from Iran though

  • Joanne
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    4 years ago

    Do you know that some Arab Shias are hardline nationalists who loath Iran government actions more than your average Sunni Arab who would be open to dealing with Iran regardless of difference in religious views. Did you know 35 of the 50 Iraqi Baath party generals US sought after the war were Shia indeed .. The Yemeni president who was fighting Houthi rebels is Shia Zaydei yet close ally of Saudi Arabia do you know that . so everything you said means nothing in reality , those are not similar to Iran , nor do they follow its political example. The Sultan of Oman and religion of the state is Ebaadhi Muslim , that is excatly the opposite end of what a Shia is on the Islamic religion scale (Ebaadhis don't subscribe to Ali's teachings). But unlike Iran Ebaadhis don't have separate Mosques or Husainya for themselves , the use same one as Sunnis , who are the vast majority in Oman , Pakistan, Iraq (98% of Kurds are Sunni too), and even though the Sunni numbers are less in Bahrain they happen to be the original Bahraini population , while many of the Shia in Bahrain are not (many are natives as well), some are transplants either from Iran, Iraq, or Saudi East region of Ahsaa. The King of Bahrain is Sunni Arab, house of Khalifah of Nu3aim tribe (very well known , related historically to Qatar & Abu Dhabi people of the same tribe). His son also married the daughter of Shaikh Muhammad of Dubai . Also what is this supposed to mean (what you say), if you are suggesting Sunnis are some how jealous rest assured they could care less , and countries like Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq all had in the past (since 80's not just now) some Shia minority ministers in high positions of government. That did not change their loyalty did it. It proves Iran is just delusional about Shia support , who made Iran their Pope ? As for Azerbaijan , didn't the Shia government of Iran take the side of Russian communists against its Azerbaijani brotherens in faith ....

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Shias are not a majority in lebanon . There are sunnis more that shias in lebanon.

    NORTH lebanon is 95 % sunnis and 5% christians

    Source(s): Ex Shia
  • 9 years ago

    Sure, why not? I'd love to learn more about their culture and language. But I stand by my beliefs =)

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, if required.

  • @ Baddest troll: Lebanon is SHIAAAAAAAA

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Source(s): ShiiteJew השיעים יהודי
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