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Coming down from a bad trip on Magic Mushrooms (shrooms)?

The other night I experimented with magic mushrooms for the first time with a group of friends, I had smoked Marijuana a few times before and wanted to try something new. The problem was I didn't plan it out right and was slightly unaware of the concept of the drug and its effects. I ended up peaking at the point when my friends were sobering up, they kept my company while I was high but wernt able to properly look after me (trip sit me). I was still with some friends but they were sober at this point and I ended up having a bad trip, I was hallucinating but not having any scary visuals or anything like that, it was more the fact that I was confused and scared because of my distorted view of reality and I felt an extreme clash of inner emotions and thoughts causing me to have what was almost like bad mental flashbacks of things from the past. Later I then started having attacks of panic, anxiety and paranoia. I then took a train by myself to meet one of my other friends to stay at his house because I was too afraid to call my parents to pick me up, the train trip was scary and at this point I was still freaking out, I waited for a train for 20 minutes and every passing minute felt like it was an hour. When I got to my friends house I sat down and watched some TV which made me feel slightly better but the drug was still too much of a mindf*ck for me to handle.

The next morning I felt severely depressed and started shaking and crying, my dad came into my room and knew something was really wrong, I ended up telling him I had a bad trip on magic mushrooms because I felt It was screwing with my head and I was too worried about it to keep it to myself.

Two days after taking shrooms I am progressively starting to feel a bit better but don't really want to leave my house to go out. I met up with one of my friends for Coffee which I could handle but I don't feel like going out to a party or to meet up with anyone unless its a small group of people because I still feel anxious and slightly paranoid even though I'm a social and outgoing person. My head is really scattered and I feel slightly almost like socially retarded kind of like the next day after smoking marijuana but its alot worse and I still feel really out of it after 2 days. I have Asbergers and a family history of Psychosis which is making me really worried that my head is going to be screwed for the rest of my life and that I'm going to develop Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar. I'm worried I'm going to be in this state for the rest of my life. Is it regular to feel this way a few days after taking magic mushrooms? I'm really worried and I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out with this.

PS: please don't give me any of your "drugs are bad mccckaayyy" bullshit. I know It was a stupid decision to take shrooms and especially a bad decision not planning it out right but I've learn from my mistakes and have decided not to take any drugs again including Marijuana. From this day on I'm going to stick to only drinking and smoking cigarettes.

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    Drugs amplify what already exists in you. They lower your thresholds allowing you to act out on already existing cnditins and or emotions. So what you are experience was already there, the shrooms just amplified it. The paranoia you are experiencing is something that you are in turn feeding by obsessing over it.

    Think of it like a vortex. The more you stir it up the deeper and more powerful it gets and the more times you go around it in your mind the more you get sucked into it. You have to break out of the cycle you are in. You are getting too introspective which is typical of bi-polar rather than schitzo behavior. So too is the depression and the vortex dissection of you own behavior as relates too your peers. At times you likely feel like superman and others like the scum of the earth. These shifts are hallmarks of bipolar which would be amplified by psychdelic drugs.

    Bipolar is a very common condition and probably 2/3rds of the population have at least a mild form of it and experience rare episodes. What happens in many severe bipolar people is they get sucked into that trap I was describing above an after years of doing this literally rewire their brain leaving their natural state a bipolar state. Others it's simply a chemical imbalance in their brain which can sometimes be combated with medication.

    My advice is this.

    First stay away from hallucinogens. While many people like myself can do our weight in them and suffer little or no ill effects, people with certain predispositions are extremely vulnerable. In the thousands of LSD, peyote, Shroom trips I've taken I've at times been in awkward situations. Even made a fool of myself a time or two. We all do drugs or no drugs. So you shake it off and get on with life and laugh about it later on. You are wound like a spring about the whole thing. Your not shaking it off or laughing it off. You lack the social resiliency to drink to excess or do hallucinogens and then deal with the inevitable consequences of taking things too far from time to time. The paranoia you experience with weed disturbs me and you may well want to avoid it as well. Whatever you do, do NOT TRY cocaine or Meth. Long runs on either drug produce severe paranoia in people and even those with no disposition toward mental illness can fall prey too it with those drugs. Once or twice probably won't do anything too you, the problem is being a casual user with those drugs.

    Second element of advice is to quite worrying so much about what people think about you. A certain amount of introspection is both necessary and valuable but it sounds like you take this a bit too far and if you had a heart to heart talk with your friends you might find that you've at times apologized for things that they saw as no big deal or never took offense over. It's good to be aware of how you interact with people but no matter who you are you will make social gaffes and if you analyze everything you'll build millions of such gaffes where none existed. However your reaction to the non-existant gaffe often can eventually create a real gaffe. Destress and relax. People will like you for who you are or change friends until you do find such people.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Coming down from a bad trip on Magic Mushrooms (shrooms)?

    The other night I experimented with magic mushrooms for the first time with a group of friends, I had smoked Marijuana a few times before and wanted to try something new. The problem was I didn't plan it out right and was slightly unaware of the concept of the drug and its effects. I ended up...

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    "have decided not to take any drugs again including Marijuana. From this day on I'm going to stick to only drinking and smoking cigarettes."

    Honestly? Alcohol and cigarettes result in over 500 000 deaths per year!!! IN THE US ALONE!!!

    How many deaths has marijuana caused? NONE!!! EVER!!! And it is practically imposible to overdose on mushrooms as you would have to eat literally 2000 (yes TWO THOUSAND) times the effective dose! The only reason these drugs are banned is because the government can't make money off them! You know who funds the 'Partnership For a Drug Free America'? Alcohol companies!!!


    As to your bad shroom trip, mushrooms are sacred medicine to be respected. You shouldn't mess with it! It's no 'party drug'.

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    I took shrooms for the first time on a visit away with my sister. I was the only one in the group who never tried anything so I had the worst or longest trip. I still couldn't come down the next day and finally felt tearful and low. But only for a day and my sister was very cheerful and supportive, convincing me I was just fine, and so I quickly got back to normal. I actually think your anxiety and panic is now fron the worrying about the affects of the drug rather than being an affect of the drug. Think about it....has it been on your mind constantly what you may have done to yourself? if so it def sounds to me like your worrying yourself sick. Be confident to go soo a doctor and get checked, once your given the all clear you will begin to recover.

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    Yes James, the silacybin Poison can stay in your brain for up to 6 months with occurring flash backs. All drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, are not any good for a man with your Psychosis background or ,less so, other people as well.

    Try to clean your self out with healthy food and exercise to get your self back onto a positive track. Keep your resolve and it will pass favourably as experience

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    all it was was a change in your Perception. Your reality in this world is made up by your Perception. Just like the drug trip you had its all in your head. The more you dwell on it and focus on that feeling and the more you think about tripping out the more you will. It will all go away as soon as you let go. i would try meditating, clear your head of everything and just try and relax. and would just role with the punch. with any shift in Perception the ground will feel a little rocky at first just walk it out. "Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. "

    Aldous Huxley

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    you're taking the wrong kind of mushrooms. The last time I took some, I was able to fly down to the store and pick up the milk and bread my mother asked me to but I dropped them flying on the way back home and now my mom thinks I stole here grocery money.

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    Your mood has to be positive. If your self esteem is low you will have a bummed experience. Just smile & say everthing is wonderful!

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