environmental engineer jobs?

if u want to be an environmental engineer or an environmentalist of some sort, what type of job experience would look good on a resume? what type of jobs would an environmentalist be doin too?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can work as an environment consultant advising the industry, local Govts. on environment issues and environment standards to be followed.

    There are also Govt. agencies ensuring compliance of environment laws. You can get a job there.

    You can get jobs for reducing the Green Hose Gases effect in industry.

    There are lots of other opportunities for an environment engineer.

  • 4 years ago

    this is a competent answer that Dawei provided. i'm an environmental engineer and my interest includes doing environmental internet site tests. So rather, meaning accumulating soil and water samples and interpreting for dissimilar styles of contaminants. Our purchasers and interest web content can variety from a small residential internet site to decommisioning old commercial web content including metallic generators, mines, gasoline storage depots, etc. dissimilar sampling and container artwork is often required to make certain the type and quantity of an infection you're coping with at a area. as quickly as all that information has been compiled, that is then upto the engineer to make certain the hazards linked with the an infection and the thank you to remediate it. i assume the marketplace for it relies upon on the place you reside. It has a promising destiny in case you delight in doing it. returned, the pay relies upon on the place you reside, your journey and talents.

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    There's a friend of mine doing the same course now. He told me once that he's planning to specialize in a sector [sanitation and something.... well thats the topic] and he finds better opportunities in south east Asian countries suffering due to the same problems. So the common logic is when there's a shortage of something there's better demand for it... Pick your category ad a bit of planning brings it in to perfection.

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