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    With the rapid economic growth, people's national income increased, consumption has increased, the change in the concept of leisure. Local marketing should become a trend, many local governments have started to organize festivals with local characteristics, but lack of management and planning drawing on its experience, has not been elaborated in the right direction, so from time to time each activity will be You will have a lack of funding dramatically reduces the number of tourists and the deficits of the phenomenon. The reason is that the Government in the implementation of Difanghuodong O'clock Wu Si Kao their available resources and capacity, not the available resources Fahuidaojin Zhi Therefore, this research attempts to place marketing cases 以 resource based access to critical success factors analyze the case with the resources and capabilities, and select the three well-known flower season in northern Uganda to Hot Springs Festival, Flower Festival in Tucheng, Yangmingshan flower season for the case to the success of local marketing resources and capabilities required.

    This study interviews, in each case to the organizers, co-sponsored by units and interviews of local tourism with the resources and capacity of the local marketing of the key success factors. Based on the results show that the flowering season of the critical success factors for local ownership of features and innovation, marketing Zuofa, central government support capability and stable financial source of Items such as success factors for the conditions, so the local government should take this as the development of Difangxingxiao reference basis for sustainable development can continue.

    The main contribution is through the documents uncovered by the resources and ability to sum up places have competitive advantage. With local ownership of resources and capabilities and provide the government, and strengthen themselves have to maintain a competitive edge.

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