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If tax cuts are not government spending, why is paygo a threat to them?

The Bush tax cuts released(cost us) more than 2 trillion dollars since passed. What did we get for all that money?

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    Jake? The link I am fixing to post has the Yahoo Finance article you referred to, but it will be WASTED on this asker.

    The asker is so liberal biased and anti-repub that nothing we say will change his mind.

    History shows us clearly that the tax and spend liberal ideology fails or causes much more severe problems (The Great Depression, unemployment, inflation, devaluing the dollar) every time it is tried in a down economy.

    History also shows us that tax cuts accompanied by a responsible and frugal fiscal policy ALWAYS produces more revenues at record levels than a tax cut EVERY time. Tax cuts work and the liberal lie that tax cuts are for the rich is PROVED to be an absolute lie by the article above. If we look at the tax cuts of the 20s, 60s, and 80s it is clear that in each instance accross the board tax cuts not only produced massive revenue, IT CREATED MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF JOBS. In the 80s (after the 83 tax cut so for the 7 remaining years of the 80s) the tax cuts were DIRECTLY responsible for adding 20 MILLION jobs to the economy. Why? More money in everybody's pocket which means more money in rich people's (business owners) pockets which means more money to hire folks, which means more payroll taxes collected, which means the rich make more money and pay more income taxes which means 20 MILLION more people are paying income taxes, which means 20 MILLION more people are buying goods and investing in the economy.

    Paygo is code talk for RAISE TAXES every time we want to pass a bill that spends MORE money that this country does not have and cannot borrow to pay for irresponsible deficit spending.

    Libtards have monopolized this type of pc code talk to take the sharp edges off words like TAX.

    There is a real good one in Obamacare. The word "fine" is substituted for tax. So if Obamacare is NOT repealed or successfully struck down as unconstitutional and it goes into effect in a few years, ANYONE that defies the government mandate and refuses to allow the government to dictate to a free nation what they must buy, whom they must buy it from, and the price they must pay to get it, they will be "fined" a specifically stipulated amount of money according to this farce of a bill. This is an interesting choice of words considering that you can choose to NOT pay a fine but you have to pay a tax. You cannot avoid a payroll tax if you are working for a company that is in compliance with the tax code. No way around it period. The key point here is that if choose to pay the "fine" rather than purchase an inferior, gov provided and administered, health insurance plan, you have NO choice in whether or not to pay the "fine." That's right libtards. The "fine" will be deducted from your paychecks in the form of an "additional" payroll tax. Have your own business with no employees but yourself? You will STILL pay the fine if you do not comply with the tax code at the end of the year when you file your income taxes. Furthermore, EVERY SINGLE TAX BRACKET will be going up 5%. Yes even the rich people libtards demonize for being evil enough to make money, own businesses in the private sector, and employ the lion's share of our country will be paying 5% more taxes and subsequently cutting more jobs. And the poor people libtards claim to have such compassion for? You know the ones in the lowest bracket? They will be paying 5% more just like everyone else. WHY? Because the libtards have been lying about the Bush Tax cuts from day one and NONE of the liberal voters, askers on this site, liberal media, or even most conservatives have called them on it and taken them to the mat for misleading the American public simply for political expediency.

    That is enough. I have rambled on plenty considering this asker is a brick wall and does NOT know or understand history well enough to learn the proper lessons from it.

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    It can't COST you if you do not HAVE it. The PROBLEM with tax cuts not working is they SPENT more then they had.

    You talk like taxes are a right of the gov, as if they can continue to rise as long as they spend.

    Do YOU run your household like that? I don't think so, and if you do, then you are part of the problem.

    For years they have been WARNING US, slow down with the credit, but no one listened. Especially the gov.

    And for your information, Democrats were not invisible the last 8 years, on the contrary, they did their fair share of spending too, and are STILL doing it.

    In PA, they are BORROWING 20 million dollars to build a tribute to a senator, while half the population has no work. Are you kidding me?

    Who is blind to all this? Neither party is clean in this.

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    More money in the wallets of Americans (You sure it cost 2 trillion?). Did you read the yahoo news story a few days ago showing how the Bush tax cuts positively affect every tax bracket? The story proves that the cuts benefitted more than the upper class. I may not like Bush very much, but you got to give him credit for that.

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    Your question is particularly loosely worded to make experience. Paygo is the governments way of coming up confident they have the income the coffers till now they bypass spending it. Tax cuts are in easy terms reducing the taxes that the government calls for of its voters. the only way they might threaten one yet another is that if the government hasn't have been given the income the coffers and calls for they should have the money to pay for classes, thereby threatening the tax cuts with the aid of government, likely democrats, elevating taxes.

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    You want to know what will cost us more?

    Umm, how about the bailout and healthcare?

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    Richer wealthy people. That is what George likes. The haves and the haves more.

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    Um, cash in your pocket? That's what I got, it was wonderful!!!!

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