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Where are Guild guitars made?

What country are guild guitars made?

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    Guild originated in USA. Nowadays, due to labor cost, they are made all over. and believe me, the workmanship is not like the American-made counterpart. and that goes for Gibson, Martins and other guitars. I have ben in the business 45 yrs and worked with all those companies.

    They gave me tons of guitars to fix, straighten necks, intonations, cracked necks etc..etc... Still, the best workmanship is where the guitar originated from.

    Source(s): Berklee Teacher / Luthier & Studio Guitarist
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    Where are Guild guitars made?

    What country are guild guitars made?

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    The GAD series are made in Korea, all the others are made in Corona California these days, my D55 was built in Tacoma Washington but as I understand it that factory has been closed. before Fender bought them out they were built in Hoboken NJ. and before that Manhattan NY.

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    The best ones are made in the USA

    the rest are made is Asia

    some are Japanese (the best asian ones)

    some are made int Korea (good for the money)

    some are chinese ( I dont like theses, cheap wood, poorly cured)

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    fender custom shop

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