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A question about Mel Gibson?

I say he will now be seen as "Hollywood Poison". I think he's a ticking time bomb. What do you think YA friends???

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    Mel Gibson is classic example that despite all the money you have, it doesnt change who you really are. Money and fame doesnt buy class or integrity. To be honest, good on Mel for speaking his mind about what upsets him. It isnt the most dignified way, but good on him.

    Im just sad that he had divorced his wife and taken up with the bimbo who he is now fighting with.

    I guess what goes around comes around.

    He doesnt pay my taxes, he doest put food on the table - so what do i care what he does? I dont.

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    I think Hollywood is poison. Mel Gibson is merely the latest headline and is entitled to free speech just like we are. Sad nobody can be trusted to be a true friend when you have money.

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    My dad said worse to others in the privacy of his own home. I've heard strong soldiers of moral upbringing resort to gutter language in the privacy of their own home.

    Who the hell does David Peres think he is that he feels it's his "obligation" to report a private conversation in a man's own home to the world?

    I'm sure David lives a clean hospitable life of respect and soap clean words on an hourly basis every day now doesn't he?

    His advertising of this so called "news" and his reasoning are just excuses to make some bucks off the back of another man, pulled from the privacy of the other man's own home. It does not come from the public domain and those who have sold it out are scum who would be quick as a hiccough to throw the first rock.

    If you think Mr. Gibson's language was ugly then look to the journalists tearing at him for the almighty dollar ... look to the small people lapping it all up, the wee brains who laugh at another misfortune. NOW THAT IS UGLY!

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    Mel Gibson already got himself in hot water a few years ago with his "anti-Sematic" rant - now, he's gone even lower by calling the mother of his child a "******g p*g" who "deserves" every hit she gets...his true colours are finally showing and his career is, hopefully, over

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  • 1 decade ago

    He has been drinking to much of the fluoride water in LA .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, I think so too. Except you are using nicer terms than I would.

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