Does the university of minnesota accept credits from NWTC marinette?

Just curious to know what colleges to consider, any help would be appreciated thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Maybe some of the academic courses may transfer, but I definitely would not rely on it happening.

    Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is a proprietary for-profit vocational school.

    We review such educational background for compatibility with our core requirements and perhaps 25% of the courses completed are transferable. Many of those courses are used to satisfy elective requirements.

    You really ought to consider a local community college. The university Admissions Office is much more likely to accept the CC courses.

    One other point - which state are you a resident of? That is the place you need to be considering for your post-high school education. Keep your costs down - believe me, you do not want to have any more debt than is absolutely essential.

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