Underarm shaving help ; ?

i shave under my arms but theres always a bit of stubble left over and i ALWAYS have a rash under my arm and i can never wear a string top with out a jumper over it cos my underarms always look horrible! any help out there?

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    10 years ago
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    You could try waxing it lasts about 2 weeks and you might not get as many red bumps. You could also put a hot rag on before so that you open the pores of your skin and make it easier to shave. and when your finished shaving you put a cold compress to close the pores and help stop the bumps. You get the bumps from irritation and you could try changing your deodorant to something made for sensitive skin. Dove and Secret have ones specially for sensitive skin.

    You could also change your shave cream because maybe that irritates you. I only use Aveeno shave creams cause all the other ones make my entire leg red and bumpy.

    Another suggestion is to make sure your razor blade is new and smooth. you should always leave your shaver with the razor up when your finished so that it drys faster and doesnt lose its edge.

    And lastly that I can think of is that you may need to scrub your underarm with a luffa or a good rag to get rid of any dead skin and then after you shave put on a water based cream like Glaxal Base so you dont block any pores.

    Good Luck!!

    I hope I helped.

  • Anita
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    4 years ago

    Use shaving cream on your underarms every time you shave. Be sure the shave gel is either extra moisturizing or contains aloe and vitamin E. Then right after shaving apply lotion directly to your underarm, and then, yet again, a moisturizing deodorant.

  • 10 years ago

    Okay well, i sometimes get the stubble too. its okay..its natural. sometimes to cover it up, use some deodorant. Also ALWAYS use a soap or shaving cream when shaving anywhere. This helps prevent rash's by making you skin smooth and soft before you put a razor to it. hope that helps :)

  • 10 years ago

    but a hot rag on your underarm before you shave to soften the hairs, then shave up, then down, and left, then right. shave it in all directions to get all the stubble away.

    and for the rash, it may be because of a bad razor or because your putting deodorant on right after shaving which is bad.

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  • Maria
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    10 years ago

    Maybe you could try a hair removing cream instead of shaving. Use a moisturizing deodorant too, that might help.

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