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If I rent a car from Budget do I need to have my own personal insurance policy?

I don't have my own car insurance but I'm listed on my parents policy. I'm 26 so I can rent a car but don't have insurance in my own name. Do they then require me to purchase insurance through them and if they do how much does it cost?


I would but they're Mon-Fri and I'm renting it on Monday morning so I'd like to know before I go.

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    I strongly suggest you use a credit card for your purchase.

    My hubby was just in a car wreck with his rental car.

    We have no comp - just liabillity.

    But because it was on the credit card - it will be fully covered - knock on wood.

    The car company will require you to have car insurance - but not full coverage.

    You under your parents policy is ok.

    If you are NOT using a credit card - make 100% sure you get the extra coverage.

    Cost may be about $25 / day.

    Your debit card will not do - that is not a real credit card even though it has the visa or mc logo on it.

    Call your credit card company and MAKE SURE that they offer car rental coverage.


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    Most insurance companies only cover the named insured on the policy to transfer coverage to a rental car. You will need to purchase the insurance from the rental car company to be safe.

    The only way to know the cost is to ask the rental car company. It depends on the car you rent, the length of time you need it and the coverages you choose. We won't know that answer here.

    Source(s): Owner of an insurance agency. Twenty one years experience.
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    The main reservations center for Budget is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call at any time, on any day, even if the Budget agency in your city is closed.

    The phone number is 800-527-0700 if you are calling about renting a car in the U.S. or 800-472-3325 if you are calling about renting a car in another country.

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    You should call your insurance agent and/or company and ask them if your car insurance carries over to a rental car and if it does for how many days.

    Only purchase auto insurance from Budget if you need to. But you will not know if you need to buy insurance until you speak to your insurance agent or company.

    All insurance companies are different so call your insurance agent.

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    Yes, you will need to buy it from them. If you had your own policy, it might carry over, but since you're only a listed driver, it won't.

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    It's a very interesting question, looking forward to reading the responses

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    I don't get why people post stuff like this.

    Pick up the phone and CALL THEM AND ASK.

    It will take you 2 minutes.

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    Never thought too much about it

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