what is Blood: the last vampire? (the anime)?

also is it just a (anime) film or is it a (anime) show? becuase ive only been able to find and watch the 40 min film when saya saves the nurse......


ive also watched the whole season of blood +

Update 2:

(ive watched the full season of blood +)

well im pretty sure its after blood + becuase david is much older and they said she was the last half blood (they know divas gone)

Update 3:

also haji shouldve been in the 40 min film! T_T

Update 4:

ALSO i dont think it was good (the 40 min. film) it said nothing about what happen after/during her long slumber it said nothing about haji and she didnt even talk/ remember haji or kai or ANYONE only david, whats up with THAT!

Update 5:

(or diva!) ps did she like forget EVERYTHING?!? (after she woke up)

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    It started out as a book by Mamoru Oshii. It is now also a live-action film. However, the anime that you are referencing is Blood +, which is basically a modern remake (and new story arc) of Blood: The Last Vampire.

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    i kinda thought that they may well be a similar too yet I even have watched Blood the bright Vampire and Blood the bright Vampire stay action movie and the 1st couple of episodes of Blood Plus then i learn some stuff approximately how Blood the bright Vampire and Blood Plus are concerning a minimum of one yet yet another and the only ingredient they are appropriate via is Saya the optimal character and thats approximately it, yet i actually like Blood the bright Vampire and that i'm in spite of the fact that watching Blood Plus and taking section in it as properly

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    Blood the last vampire is just a 40 min movie. It seems like its what happens before Blood + since the last scene of the movie was when they sent Saya to Vietnam which was the opening for blood +

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