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figure skating dress size help???!!!?

okay so i have no clue what size to get..they come in s m l xl and so kinda bigger and every time i look at the size charts on the internet i dont fit into them...where can i find a dress thats cheap and that will fit..i kinda dont want to get one custom made but it i have too i will..Please help my regular dress size is like a xl but ik its different cuz of the fabric..and i have kinda a bigger waist. PLEASE HELP!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on the sizing chart for each company. You won't necessarily match up with every single measurement on there (chest, waist, girth, etc...) but you're just looking for important/majority matches. If you're too big for even an XL, I have seen a few, rare XXL dresses out there, but otherwise you will have to somehow have the dress taken out or will have to have a custom dress, which can get to $500 or more, for a competition dress (I'm not sure about custom practice dresses). And yes, it depends on the fabric; things like satin are more flexible, but most skating dresses aren't so flexible that you can go down a size from what you would regularly wear. If you're in-between sizes, I'd go for the larger one. You still need some flexibility in your dress to actually skate.

    And congrats for not letting your weight stop you. I saw a girl at one of my competitions once who was morbidly obese and somehow managed to skate Preliminary with great technique, despite her weight, and large jumps considering her size. It was pretty inspirational, actually. :)

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  • CMP
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    1 decade ago

    The most important measurement is Girth. The fabric stretches so waist is usually the least important measurement. Almost no one has every measurement fit into the same size.

    Cheap Skate Dresses:

    Sizing Charts:

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  • 1 decade ago

    On ebay, they are cheap, beautiful, have fast shipping, AND custom made. Most of the sellers on there have somewhere around 99% good feedback. Once i can do a performance i'm going straight to ebay because the dresses are so beautiful. There are thousands of styles to chose from. Just tell them your measurements and pay they'll custom make the dress for you. Just search figure skating dresses and a ton of results will come on. Don't put a specific color almost nothing comes up. Good luck with skating!

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