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The Movie Titanic, is there a Novel that goes along with it? Like thats the same as the movie but a book?

The two part movie Titanic with the characters Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Gloria Stuart) who fall in Love, I was wondering if there was a Novel that was just like the movie, but in Book form obviously. And not the small ones with pictures, or the music books, but an Actual novel written like the movie? Thanks

ALSO if there is can you put the title, author, and where i can find it or what website i can order it from. Thanks in advance


Oh yeah and Sorry thats my bad I meant Kate Winslet as his co-star

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    The two part movie? I've seen only one film with Leo in it and Gloria Stuart was not his costar, Kate Winslet was.

    As for a book, I'm sure there are many. The Titanic sinking was a major historical event.

    EDIT: You are correct about Gloria Stuart, she was the elder Rose.

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    Wasn't Rose played by Kate Winslet in the movie?

    Anyways, there is a book called "Distant Waves: A Novel of The Titanic" By Suzanne Weyn.

    Most books out there on the Titanic are about discoveries made by divers, how researchers think it used to look and people who are known to have died on board.

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    I am sure they have done a novelization of the film. In this case, the film came first, not the book--at least, not the book with Jack and Rose in it.

    A really good book on the Titanic is "A Night to Remember" by Walter Lord. It was written in the 50s and really revived interest in that disaster.

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    You could try Futility, Wreck Of The Titan by Morgan Robertson. It was written in 1898, but the story concerns the sinking of a large passenger ship called Titan.

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    Rose was played by kate winslet btw

    and most of the books about the titantic are non-fiction not fiction

    why dont you google it?


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