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Help reading music notes♫♪♪♫?

I'm trying to teach myself how to learn the piano. When I'm reading music i see these arcs connecting two notes. What are those called and what do they mean??? Thanks

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    On the piano, if the arc is connecting two of the same note then the two notes are tied (meaning you only strike the key once but the length equals the two notes). It could also be a slur, which indicates phrasing or legato (if you think of it from a singer's perspective the slurred notes are on the same breath).

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    Find a the middle C note. Then it goes D, E, F, G, A, B, C. The notes on the lines are E, G, B, D, F. I remember it as, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. You're best off taking up an instrument and getting some basic lessons. There's a lot to reading music. You have to know how to read the timing, how long to hold each note, and symbols representing where to repeat, cut to, rest, cresendo, and a whole bunch of jargon.

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    If the top two didn't get your answer and you actually mean something like the 4 notes in the title of this question:

    The bar connecting the beams of the notes - that is just a style convention and doesn't serve any type of musical change.

    If it is a slur mark (a line drawn above) just above two notes, this would indicate a duple, and it is played slightly different. In baroque music you would take a little bit of time off of the second note and add it to the first note in that duple. What are you trying to play?

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    They are either SLURS or TIES.


    All the notes that are connected by the slur are to be played smoothly (legato)


    Since you said two notes, ties generally connect two notes.

    What it does is connect notes of the same pitch, this means that you only have to play the note once and you have to hold it for the value of the notes that are tied together's value.

    ( or do u mean the beam connecting two (or more) black notes like the ones you have in your question?)

    ^ if that's what you mean then the notes that are connected with one black beam are called quavers, just like the black tale with a tale.

    If there are two beams then they are semiquavers.

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    They are called slurs. I play the clarinet and pretty much on all instruments you would kind of connect them with no pause what-so-ever in between. for example, If theres an E next to a D you would hit the D RIGHT when you take your finger off the E with a bit of a "slur" if you know what i mean.

    If the slur goes from one note to another with 1 or more in between you slur all of the notes.

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    They are 'slurs', but I play the oboe and don't know how I'd tell you to do that on the piano. On the oboe, you would play both notes without articulating the second note. They're supposed to be connected, with no articulation. Maybe a piano player can explain more.



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    this is called a "slur". to do this on the piano, you just make sure that there is no pause at all between those two notes. it should flow from one note to the next.

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    Basically it is telling you to do this


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