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Why do we give apples to teachers?

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    People associate apples with teachers is the tradition from the 16th century until 18th century in various countries including Denmark and America, in which parents pay educators with foods like fruits. During this time, teachers do not receive enough salary to sustain the cost of living in their places. To help them with their basic needs, parents give the teachers of their children potatoes and apples. During these centuries, apples are considered special and expensive because these fruits are difficult to plant, cultivate and harvest. To compensate the efforts of educators and to make them feel special, parents pay them with different varieties of the fruit.

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    We give apples to teachers because apples grow on trees.They start off small like we started off. As you water it and the sunshines on it it grows healthier and taller. In our point of view when teacher's teach us we get smarter which means our mind and imagination gets bigger. We grow taller and taller and then when we succeed we do good things. When and apple is finished growing it succeeds into a person mouth. Hope this helps

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    It's a gift wishing good health coming from the phrase "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

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    i thnk it has 2 do w/ adam and eve and the tree of wisdom. cause they ate apples and died 4 sins

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    we dont anymore! get with the times man!

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    nobody does that lol we give them mushroom

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