First name to go with Charlie?

We really want to use Charlie in our babies name to honor my husbands late Grandfather but I can't come up with a good first name that flows well with it. Any suggestions you might have would be great! Thanks!


I would prefer Charlie to be the middle name, and we are about 75% sure that it is a boy.

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    How do you feel about using Charles as a middle name? It's a little less nickname-y. Here are some suggestions:

    Mason Charles

    Anthony Charles

    Theodore Charles

    Gabriel Charles

    Jasper Charles

    Nolan Charles

    Tyler Charles

    Gavin Charles

    Benjamin Charles

    Ethan Charlie

    Connor Charlie

    Owen Charlie

    Jackson Charlie

    Tristan Charlie

    Nathan Charlie

    Aidan Charlie

    Wyatt Charlie

    Jonah Charlie

    Good luck!

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    You mean Charlie is the Middle name?

    Guy: John Charlie, Evan Charlie

    Girl: Anne Marie Charlie

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sam/Sammy/Samuel Charlie

    John/Johnny/Jonathan Charlie

    Oliver/Ollie Charlie

    Masen/Mase Charlie (I prefer E over O)

    Daniël/Danny/Dean/Dane Charlie

    Phillip/Phil Charlie

    Liam Charlie

    I like Harvey as a name, but I 'don't think it flows well with Charlie.. Harvey Charlie.. mm

    Nathan/Nate/Nathaniël Charlie

    Raphaël/Rafaël/Rafe Charlie

    Dennis Charlie

    Abraham/Ibrahim (I prefer Ibrahim) Charlie

    William/Willy Charlie

    Timothy Charlie

    My brothers name is Charlie. Charlie Samy (Samy with as an Arabic name, so slightly different pronounciation then in english)

  • 1 decade ago

    Mason Charlie.

    Tanner Charlie.

    Owen Charlie.

    If it turns out a girl i'd name her Charlotte and call her Charlie.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sam john elizabeth bob

    i will try to think of more throughout the day and edit this,but these are all i know from the spot

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