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Please rate/fix my dark deck?

I think it is a pretty good deck. ^^

Monsters: 25

2x d.d. Trainer

2x power invader

2x giant orc

2x dark tinker

dark horus


junk synchron


great maju garzett

dark jeroid

earthbound immortal uru

darkness neosphere

mad archfiend

renge, gatkeeper of darkworld

gorz the emissary of darkness

double coston

the end of anubis

emissary from pandemonium

gren, tactician of dark world

necro gardna

gravitic orb

Spells: 11

swords of revealing light

allure of darkness

the beginning of the end

pot of avarice

2x tribute to the doomed

mystic plasma zone

heavy storm

mystical space typhoon

black pendant

different dimension capsule

Traps: 12

dark spirit art - greed

blast held by a tribute


magic jammer

trap jammer

bottomless trap hole

dust tornado

draining shield

2x dark illusion

scrap iron scarecrow

call of the haunted

There is the deck list hope you like it ^^ please rate/fix if u can lol

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    Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World

    Sillva, Warlord of Dark World


    Broww, Huntsman of Dark World

    Brron, Mad King of Dark World

    Fabled Krus

    Fabled Lurrie

    The Fabled Cerburrel

    The Fabled Ganashia

    The Fabled Catsith

    Dark Resonator

    Dark Ruler Ha Des

    Dark Necrofear

    Morphing Jar

    Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World

    Mystic Tomato

    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

    Fabled Raven

    Fabled Dianaira

    Spell cards:

    Into the Void

    Allure of Darkness

    Dark World Dealings

    Card Destruction

    The Cheerful Coffin

    The Forces of Darkness

    lighting vortex

    sword revealing light

    Mystical Space Typhoon

    Mind Control


    giant trunade

    3x solidarity

    trap card:

    3x Dark Illusion

    1x Mirror Force

    1x Sakuretsu armor

    extra deck

    Stardust Dragon

    Red Dragon Archfiend

    Thought Ruler Archfiend

    Goyo Guardian

    Fabled Valkyrus

    Fabled Leviathan

    Black Rose Dragon

    Infernity Doom Dragon

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    I'm not familiar with ALL of these cards, but most of these are actually in my OWN Dark Deck, and several are in my Synchro Deck. And I know how evil the Earthbounds are so...I'd say this is a pretty d*mn good deck! Ha ha, really the only edits I'd make are try to find some Dark Crusaders, he can get ridiculously powerful, and, though this is a strategy I just invented that may just suit my play style, but perhaps Caius the Shadow Monarch and a few cards that allow you to return cards from EITHER side of the field to the owner's Caius's effect VERY carefully, you'll get it...heh heh heh heh heh...

    Source(s): Many years of playing the game, though I've basically quit now, I'm too old to continue playing. Still have all my cards though.
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    rather advantageous deck. it rather is a gloomy deck that i take advantage of that doesn't use "dark Armed Dragon" or "crush Card Virus". Monsters (21) 1x Rainbow dark Dragon 1x The dark writer 1x Darklord Zerato 2x Caius the Shadow Monarch 1x Jinzo 3x destiny Hero - Malicious 3x Krebons 1x Psychic Commander 1x Spirit Reaper 1x Breaker the paranormal Warrior 1x destiny Hero - Diamond Dude 1x destiny Hero - Doom Lord 1x Elemental Hero Stratos 2x Armageddon Knight Spells (13) 1x Lightning Vortex 1x Monster Reborn 1x techniques administration 1x Mystical area hurricane 1x Heavy hurricane 2x destiny Draw 2x Reinforcement of the army 3x Emergency Teleport 3x charm of Darkness Traps (6) 2x Solemn Judgment 2x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 1x Torrential Tribute 1x replicate rigidity This deck regularly focuses on Synchro summoning with the aid of fact it does not have dark Armed Dragon. you need to use "Armageddon Knight" to deliver a card like "Jinzo" to the graveyard, and revive it with "The dark writer". desire this permits!

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    its a good deck but you might want to take out power invader.for it just isn't a good card.i like the earthbound immortal though.i'd give it a 9.

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    have gozen match here is its effect -Each player sends monsters they control to the Graveyard until they each control monsters of only 1 Attribute. Each player cannot control monsters with different Attributes.

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