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rate/fix my beat down deck?

I have won a lot with this deck and i just want to see how good it is. Well here it is hope you like it ^^

Monster: 21

2x goblin attack

2x chainsaw insect

2x man eater bug

2x skilled dark magician

dark magician

ancient gear beast

mirage dragon

giant orc


ancient gear Golem

lava golem

junk synchron

exiled force


dark tinker

worm barses

luster dragon

Magics: 11

dark core

lightning vortex

mage power

pot of avarice

smashing ground

Mystical space typhoon

tribute to the doomed

burden to the mighty

book of moon

shield crush

brain control

Traps: 11

divine wrath

spell vanishing

sakuretsu armor

magic jammer

negate attack

draining shield


judgment of anubis

scrap-iron scarecrow

call of the haunted

magic cylinder

Well thats all thanks for lookin Please rate or fix it ^^

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    isn't that a lot of high levels?i'm not a pro but it seems like monsters would be hard to get might want to consider taking one or two out.

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