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Who else thought it was messed up when the Cavs fans burned Lebron's jersey after he made his decision?

I saw it happen live , and I felt really sorry for Lebron. That was really fuuckeed up on the fans' part. Like he didn't even do anything to deserve that. All he wants is something better for himself. He's not doing anything good for himself by staying in Cleveland. Fans in Cleveland should actually be THANKING Lebron that he actually put up with the Cavs for that long while only making 1 finals appearance and getting swept. Without Lebron , do those fans think that they would have had the best record in the NBA for 2009-10? NO. And it's taken him 7 years until today to finally realize all of this. But it's aiite Lebron , let the haters hate. Just go out to Miami with Wade & Bosh, do what you gotta do , & win that ring of yours(: So what are your thoughts ?

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    I feel sorry for Lebron James having to stay in Cleveland for 7 years. He had to stick with Cleveland, that's just like Kevin Garnett having to stick with Minnesota before winning a championship before leaving them to play on a better team. Who wants to struggle and never win a championship? No one. He did the right thing. If Kevin Garnett didn't leave Minnesota he'd never won a championship.

    This is just another Brett Favre leaving the Green Bay Packers case but NBA instead of NFL. LOL I support Lebron James helping my favorite player Dwayne Wade win another title. Go Miami Heat! :)

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    ya i thought it was pretty low of those fans. hes done nothing but single-handedly revive basketball in cleveland. then he makes a decision that puts him in the best situation to win, and thats how they treat him? they dont deserve to have a player like lebron. but then on the other hand, lebron didnt have to go out the way he did. but ya, in the end, thats pretty messed up. during this whole thing i began to dislike lebron more and more but now i actually feel bad for him. coming from a lakers fan. gonna be tough to win this year but hoping we can get it done

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    They didn't love Lebron because he was Ohio they wanted him because of the benefits he brought them!

    Thats why you haven't won a championship in any sports for 64 years, ungrateful fake a**holes!


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    i think its sad. those ppl lack brains and basically waste our air.

    if james in miami doesnt make sense, something is wrong w u.

    its the greatest sports moment ever. get serious ppl. cleveland is sh!t compared to miami beach. matter fact the whole midwest is sh!t compared to cali and florida.

    i never knew ohio is so blatantly retarded.

    and we're all witnesses.

    GET EM KING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah that was really messed up and I felt bad for him. People are so cruel and selfish about petty stuff like that. I would not consider them very human like at all. It was his decision and they should have respected it no matter what.

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    Saying ur leaving on TV is stupid. Lebron wants attention

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