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Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War, terror, disease.

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    為什麼? 由于,當警棍也許使用代替交談时,詞永远將保留他們的力量。 詞提供手段為意思和為將聽的那些人,真相的口齒。 並且真相非常錯誤是,那裡是某事與這個國家,不在那裡? 慘暴和不公道、不寬容和壓迫。 並且,一旦您有講話的地方的自由反對,認為和,如同您覺得合適,您現在有恳求監視的檢查員和的系統強制您的整合和您的提議。 這怎麼發生了? 誰對責備的? 井一定那裡比其他是那些負責任,並且他們將對负有責任,但是真相再讲,如果你再尋找有罪,您需要只调查鏡子。 我知道您為什麼做了它。 我知道您害怕。 誰是? 戰爭,恐怖,疾病。

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