When you are upset, angry, depress, hurt, and/or down...do you express yourself and have yourself comforted..?

by others? Do you open up to other people and allow other people to sympathize you and support you? Or do you bottle up your emotions and never let go of the pain? If you can, please elaborate on your answer! :D

Also, if you don't mind... what's your sun, moon, rising, and mars please? Answers will be much appreciated. Thank-you!

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    10 years ago
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    Most of the time I'm indifferent to many things that will make most persons upset, angry, depressed or hurt. I have Sun and Mars square Uranus, so sometimes I'll lose my temper. Most of the time, before anything really terrible can happen, my Libra Moon and Pisces Mars seems to balance everything out and force me to look at different perspectives of the situation.

    No, I don't usually turn to others for sympathy or help. For one thing, I have Pluto in the 10th, and Pluto shows where we have to fight our lone battles. That means that issues of reputation, standing, achievement and career are my lone battles in life. And no, I don't bottle up the emotions. I accept that many of my problems are of my own making or mistakes, and I am willing to accept that responsibility.

    I have this idea of thoughts being like a sine wave. A person can learn to tune out the peaks and lows, and focus on the balance line in between. I don't let the peaks and lows enter into my main line of thinking, they are filtered out most of the time. I'm sure the peaks and lows find a place to rest in my subconscious thoughts, but that's all right with me.

    I guess between my Libra Moon, Libra Ascendant, and Pisces Mars, I have some type of acceptance of people and situations, and I can distinguish between what I can change and make better, and what is beyond my control. When it's beyond my control, again there is the acceptance that the situation is at an impasse, but there are other more positive matters which I can turn to for balance and focus.

    Source(s): Pisces Sun, Pisces Mars, Libra Ascendant, Libra Moon
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    I bottle up my emotions. It's very hard for me to let go.

    I used to cry soo much over the same situation over and over again cause it hurt me alot but no one cared which hurt even moree. Over the years, I just learned to stop cryin as it won't solve anythingg and more people will get pissed at me crying. But that was the only thing I can do as I wasn't close to anyone. Not any of my "friends" or my familyy.

    I bottle up my emotions now. But if the situation is bad then I would burst in tears and anger. But I would never tell anyone what was wrongg.

    After reading alot of people's, I think I should keep a journal to put all my emotions in. :)

    Sagittarius Sun

    Leo Moon

    Taurus Rising

    Virgo Mars

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    I am more of the bottle up my emotions when I'm hurt but when it comes to being upset or angry? Katie bar the door~cause I'm walking through it~~and I don't take prisoners, either.

    For the most part I let it go and get on with my day~~I do not ever carry yesterday into today~it stays in the past where it belongs.

    As for letting go of pain, I think I bury it, down deep inside myself and I guard, myself, more.

    Scorpio sun

    Aquarius moon

    Virgo rising

    Libra mars

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    I hate telling people about things and I just don't really feel like I have anyone to talk to anyway. I have tried talking to a counsellor but I just find that I can't open up completely, no one really cares anyway. Most people would say this is not a good thing but I have other ways to let out emotions. I have a list of them and I chose a few which I think might help YOU, as I'm assuming you asked this question to find out different ways you can cope with things?

    -I write in my diary everyday, which, because it's an inanimate object, is the only thing I really can express myself in, while listening to loud metalcore music (only on headphones:my parents would go crazy if I didn't!). I don't really like sympathy, so I never try to trigger it, and I know it won't happen if I write things down.

    -I try to distract myself with, eg. learning a new song on electric guitar-I would have to think about the chords so it takes my mind off it.

    I dont knwo my signs except that I know Im a libra.

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    In most situations, I tend to keep my emotions inside and bottle them up until I explode in a violent anger or a violent crying. I do not cry very often ( a few times a year and some years even less than that ) but when I do cry, it's for a very long time and a very violent crying. I can honestly say that if anyone saw me crying ( and knew me ) they would not know what to do.

    Sometimes I talk to someone, but it's not very often. I usually have to force myself to do it, as uncomfortable as it is to me. But for most of my years, I have come to the comfort of having a diary, where I can express my feelings without crying or showing too many emotions. The emotions are expressed in words, rather than actions. I've always been able to express myself better in words, anyway. My diaries are never mushy... but some parts are really sad, like when I was bulimic. Part of the reason why I had such problems with eating disorders ( both anorexia and bulimia, but not at the same time ) has been my urge to control my emotions and how I am not good at expressing them.

    Sagittarius sun in the 9th

    Leo moon in the 6th

    Aquarius rising

    Aries Mars in the 1st

    Cancer Chiron in the 5th

    Chiron ( 5th ) opposed Neptune ( 11th )

    Chiron opposed Saturn ( 11th )

    Chiron opposed Uranus ( 10th )

    Chiron trine Venus ( 8th )

    Chiron trine Pluto ( 8th )

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    It really depends on how serious the situation is. If I'm simply irritated by something, I tend to work out the problem on my own. If its something that really really has me upset, I'll try to work it out on my own. Most of the time I'll bottle my feelings up until I reach that boiling point. At this point, I will turn to someone for comfort. When people see that I'm visibly upset, they'll ask me what's wrong and then I'll tell them what happened and that leads to me being consoled. And yes, after I tell someone about what happened and they try to talk some sense into me, I'll let go of the pain.

    Sun-Libra, Moon-Scorpio, Rising-Pisces, Mars-Virgo

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    You can confide in someone...if you don't trust anyone, pick a stranger...then they might just become a big part of your life...but confide, don't complain. THe most important part is to IDENTIFY what you are feeling, why you are feeling this way, and how to fix it without hurting others. This sounds like shakesperian romantic crap, but writing really does help. Don't worry about grammar or how horrible your handwriting is. You don't even have to write about the problem, just pick an object and describe it, or whatever memories it brings up. In about five mminutes you'll feel better. Or, if you feel like adrenaline is going to get you into trouble,(aka stabbing someone thirty times) then go outside and run. this will help your heart and waistline!

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    I used to have a much stronger need to be comforted by others. But then I learned that the majority of people in my life have a harder time dealing with negative emotions than I do. So for that reason, I try to stay strong for them by not letting my more painful feelings show. I feel that I am better equipped to handle my problems than they would be, so I deal with my troubles silently and to myself.

    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Scorpio

    Mars: Cancer

    Aquarius Rising

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    Well ... mainly when I'm feeling depressed, hurt, &/or down,

    I just try to distract myself by trying to surround myself with

    empathetic, happy people. Aside from that, watching comedy

    shows & other stuff help a lot, too.

    When I'm angry, I bottle up my emotions at first.

    I tend to isolate myself a little bit, mainly 'cause I

    don't wanna scare anybody. I can pretty damn scary

    when I'm pissed off !!! It's not pretty -- trust me !!!

    Then, I just go for any kind of vigorous physical activity

    & blow off steam that way. Usually punching the crap outta

    something (like a punching bag or a pillow) usually helps.

    I'm a ...

    Libra Sun

    Aries Moon

    Capricorn Rising

    Sagittarius Mars

    Source(s): Libra female (October 3rd) -- ME !!! :-)
  • Doris
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    10 years ago

    When I am upset I let it out. I try not to get angry. You say things that are bottled up inside, and they aren't things that are going to be very kind, but demeaning. I don't like hurting someone so I just walk away and keep the unkind words to myself. I don't always forget what happened. If I get hurt real bad, it stays for a long time. The old saying applies with me if you hurt me once shame on you. If I let you do it again shame on me for letting you walk on my heart. Then I walk away. Someone who shamelessly keeps hurting you purpose will never quit. No one wants to live their life with this constant feeling of being belittled and pushed aside.

    Leo with a Virgo moon

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