Which of these 2 surfboards is best for me?

Basically, I am kind of new to surfing. But I am looking to get a shortboard. But I don't know what size I should get. I have 2 that I can get for a pretty low price.

Board 1: 6'3, and 2.5 inches thick. I don't know how wide it is. Here is a link to it: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/spo/1812985379....

Board 2: 6'8, I don't know how wide, or thick it is. heres a link to it: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/spo/1817874905....

Which one should I get? Supposedly the first board has pressure dents on deck, and a couple of minor repairs. The second board has a crack at the bottom near the tail that the guy is going to repair for me before he gives it to me.

BTW, I am 6'0, and weigh 174.

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    First of all, don't listen to fanmore. A 'short board" is a description based on overall size and design and usually (in modern short boards) have a three fin 'thruster" fin set up. Older short baords going back to the 70s will have single or twin fin configuratuions, but the are still "short" and have a distinctive high perfomance design. Fun boards are mid length boards that are thicker, wider and shaped more like a long board, and offer a more stable ride, and are often used as a transition surfboard between a beginners long board and short board.

    I have gotten fed up with people who ask beginners questions one week, and then the next week feel that they should giving people advice on this site. It is not fair to the folks who ask the questions. 13 year olds who have only been surfing for 2 or 3 years shouldn't be leading people astray.

    Sorry about the melt down, but I think you are asking a legitimate question and deserve a legitimate answer. Based on the information you have given us, there is no way anyone can give you an accurate answer. I can guess that you lve and surf in OC, but I really don't have a clue what your skill level is. And, since we are meeting in this forum, I know that we won't ever have a chance to really discuss things.

    I know that you can get some good deals on surfboards on E-Bay or Craigslist. You can also get ripped off, too. If you are asking this type of question on YA surfing, it is probably not a good idea for you to buy either one, unless you see each board in person, and take along an experienecd friend to help you evaluate the choice.

    What you need a surfboard that floats you well enough to paddle and catch a wave at your PRESENT SKILL LEVEL at YOUR PRESENT SIZE. We don't know anywhere near enough about you, or where you surf. And, we don't have any opportunity for dialogue. And you need to be perfectly honest about you actual ability. And, we don't know all of the dimensions of the boards you listed (and I, for one, can't open the links).

    We aren't your surfing buddies, we don't necessarily surf where you surf or know anybody who does. Go to a good local surf shop (or a shop wherever you usually surf) and discuss your options with the folks in the shop. They can give you far better advice than anybody out here in 'cyberspace'. In fact for a novice, there is just no place better to buy a board than a good local surf shop. They have plenty of used boards for sale at reasonable prices. I have been surfing since 1966 and still get my surfboard buying advice in good shops in the different places that I surf.

    Please avoid popouts:


    Be careful about taking on-line advice from kids who may know less about surfing than you do, and the internet phonies. I already "went off" on the one kid who answered you. But, seriously, don't trust information you get from strangers on on-line. A surfboard is a big investment.

    Anybody who recommends a specific size or design of a surfboard to a stranger on line is foolish. Anybody who would take that advice is MORE foolish.

    Good luck with your selection no matter what you choose

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    Hey you sure getting the wrong boards.Hey do you want to learn to surf real quick or carry a board you cant ride into and out of the water.The bigger the easier and hey learn to have fun before you try to be good.Good luck in trying to ride 2 waves in a row before summer is over on either board if your not half way good-not half way learning.But hey someone will say different and they should take the time to teach you to stand up in perfect spot and wave on.I just love surfing an ddiving which are just such clean excellent sports.Most is free after a small investment and getting there and home. I was out with all the world champions back in 69 or 70 riding my belly board made out of broken surfboard and got to meet a few.I was on tv also or at least I saw myself and talked about it in high school back then. Well good luck with your pick and hey play with some fibreglass and resin its all so easy.Hey always but the cheapest and get 2 see ya STEAMER -some old surfer almost 60 with nice 8-4in.board. I am always surfing right next to anyone out there they just may not see me. see you see ya on the WALL-----.

    Source(s): A lot of waves and boards and so much growing up fun and just never stopped except fpr neck-back-shoulder-groine- sinus surgerys with one more back surgery to go.Should of taught surfing instead of building houses.
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    Before you buy a board - take some surf lessons to make sure you like it. Then buy a longboard as you will learn 10x faster than on a shortboard.

    The Surfboard Man


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