which is a better school iowa university or michigan state university?

Im just curious in your opinion which school you like better

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    I actually looked into both of the schools. I didn't choose either of them because of distance from me cause i live in New Jersey but Michigan State University was the better of the two. MSU ranks 71st on college rankings compared to IU at 89th. Also, MSU is more selective with a 74% acceptance rate as compared to IU's 89% acceptance rate. MSU costs more but I feel like the education is greater there. MSU has great sub schools as well depending what you are majoring in. I would choose MSU over IU but other factors such as if you wanna be close to home or $$$ could affect where you choose. Regardless, Michigan State University > Iowa University.

    Source(s): www.collegeboard.com U.S News and World Report College Guide
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