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About how many people would have to die in a free market system?

A plague breaks out and starts making people sick. Some are dying. About many deaths would need to take place before the free market would produce and distribute enough medicines to treat and vaccinate against it? A few hundred?

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    the last time we had an epidemic in a completely "free market" economic system, it wiped out a third of the population of europe (about 25 million) in less than a year, and there wasn't a damn thing anyone did about it.

    see also "the bubonic plague". only people like the emperor Justinian were able to afford the kind of treatment it took to survive.

    total loss of life in europe, starting with the first outbreak in the sixth century: about 200 million.

    ironically, part of the reason for such a rapid spread of the disease was the conservative religious views of the time. they saw cats as being familiars of witches and agents of the devil, so they curtailed the feral feline population... with the result that rodent populations exploded unchecked and it was fleas carried by the rodents that transmitted the disease.

    and people wonder why we get frustrated when modern-day religious conservatives try to stick their noses into science?


    so, the answer to your question is this: the free market system would do absolutely NOTHING about manufacturing and distributing enough medicines and vaccines to bring such a plague under control among the general population.

    an effort like that... or combating small pox, or polio... requires a very socialistic repsonse, with big government intervention and financing. (i should note here that jonas salk deliberately did not patent his polio vaccine because he wanted it to be available and affordable to EVERYONE. FACT.)

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    Are you suggesting that we replace the free market? Or, are you suggesting that the government can occassionally produce desired outcomes at less cost, speaking of financial and other costs?

    If you are suggesting we replace the free market, you will not be able to find a better way of distributing goods and services. Nor has there ever been a system devised that does more for more people, especially poor people, than the free market.

    If you are suggesting that government distribution of public goods and services can sometimes be desirable, then I guess you may have a point. Roads, for instance, are a public good.

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    he wants to tax, regulate and govern the free market here. can you say. naturalization? some have even called for that already. that would be the demise of America. our oil companies provide services, products and jobs that are critical. yes the make profits, that is what business do. yet most do not realize that they operate on a profit margin of 8 percent, well below starbucks and they are having a hard time staying open. also, most don't realize that while exxon mobile is our largest oil company it ranks 14 in the world market. the Dem's want to punish ours and this serves to support the foreign ones. this doesn't make sense. it would result in a flight over seas. American business pay the highest tax rate in the world except for Japan. most do not realize this fact either. we need businesses and i really don't know when it became evil to run a business and be successful. btw: the are rich Dem's who have oil investments like anyone else who has a job and a pension plan. they all have benefited to this increase too. as well as the feds since they received record taxes on those record profits. they are not willing to give this up easily. Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States. Ronald Reagan

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    It depends on how fast the government bureaucrats worked on approving the vaccines.

    I take it that you are not aware that 99% of the time between a medicine being developed and it reaching the patients is due to waiting on government approvals and permissions?

    Here is another thing for you to consider. Vaccines are made by using fertilized chicken eggs. As a result the process of making a batch of vaccine takes over a month. The government bureaucrats refuse to fast-track research aimed and developing new and faster processes to produce vaccines.

    BTW - are you aware that due to government ineffencicy and a hostile legal climate - most of our vaccines are imported?

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    good question, we could venture a guess. Oh but we do know that Mao, in a communist system sent the farmers to the city and the the city folks to the farms and a hundred million people died of starvation. Let's see, what we don't know vs what we know to be true. Pol Pot killed off all the educated in Cambodia. So the medicines would not be created but if they did they would be free.

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    You mean the free market that saw this nation through two world wars and produced enough arms and supplies to take an army to victory you mean the free market that survived the great depression and still lives you mean the one that feeds and sends medical aid and humanitarian aid the world over the one that is first and foremost in almost every singe disaster area the planet has happen that free market yea I can hang with my countrymen on this one over the government bent on standing on our heads.

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    yo dude,the plague broke out 1/20/2009..owe bama is in the process of destroying the USA and turning it into a socialist/communist country.marxism/communism dictates that on take over of a country 10% to 20% of the population must be eliminated(killed) in order for the revolution to succeed.USA,population of 307,000,000 times 10% =30,700,000 bodies ! how about this free market system.....

  • mick t
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    Flu vaccinations are about 1% effective against flu, I doubt it's any better with plague. I can't see that it would make much difference whether we vaccinate or not. Besides that, vaccine ingredients are disgusting. Who wants that crap?

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    not really any more than die now with federal intervention

    how long did it take for vaccines for the swine flu?

    in fact i for see less death from the free market than from the government.

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    You mean, like the HIV vaccine after you liberals started spreading an incurable fatal virus?

    Thanks a lot for that, liberals.

    BTW, you really hate capitalism, don't you.

    So is communism better?

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