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rescue dog with sarcoptic mange?

I want to rescue a senior dog on petfinder that has skin issues. Animal control said it's "probably mange", but no certain diagnosis. I have a rescue dog with demodectic mange, so I'm familiar with that. But if it's sarcoptic- I know that is very contagious. I'm trying to find out if my existing dogs would be safe if I brought this poor dog home, but kept him completely separate, in his own room, and no contact with my dogs until the vet says it is safe? Or is it not safe to have him even in the same house? My vet's office is closed, so I would really like any info on this.....


poor thing was found on the side of a country road. probably dumped. :(

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  • Julia
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    I would have 2 rooms' barrier between the new dog and your current dogs... not sure how to explain this, but have one room with the rescue, one room where no dogs are allowed, and then your current dogs. If your homes' floorplan lets you do that, then do it. Sarcoptic mange is spread via direct or close contact and it dies within a couple days of being off of the dog, so you won't need to bleach the room or anything like that, just leave it empty for a week.

    That is one sad looking dog... I hope that the owner gets put in jail with a huge fine on top. I've heard that the other prisoners are not too kind to animal/child abusers in jail.

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    Sarcoptic mange can be tough - dogs can contract it even from the environment...they dont have to have direct contact.

    If you keep him in a separate room, and wash everything he comes in contact with, you may be able to do it.

    My mother adopted a dog that the vet thought had allergies, but it turned out to be sarcoptic mange. She ended up having to treat all her dogs with Ivermectin and flea shampoos, and was bitten by the mites herself.

    After about a months treatment the dogs were all cleared up.

    It was a rough month, though. :o)

    Here is more info:

    There is also a test you can give a dog, which is very accurate for diagnosing sarcoptic mange....the pinna-pedal reflex test:

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    You should treat your dog whether it is showing signs of mange or not. Does the vet have you coming back once a week for injections on the puppy? You could ask him for some dip also. The only problem with the dip is it has an odor and if the dogs are white, it will stain them. But it helps to control their itching and makes them feel much better! Yes, you do need to treat your other dog/dogs. I am not too sure about Revelution, seeing that I have never used it. Hope this helps!

  • Julie
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    9 years ago

    sarcoptic mange is really an infestation with a type of mite. Your other dog can easily contract this and people can also get that type of mange.

    I would have him get a complete clean bill of health from a vet before bringing him into my home.

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