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Liz asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 1 decade ago

Trying to see if there is truth in the Rumors?

Growing up my Granddad used to tell us we had native american ancestry. How do I find out if there is any truth to this as he was quite the bull shiter. The main reason I am doing this is I am applying to a native american college and because it is so competitive the adviser told me to find out if I have any native blood. This could help me get in. Please Help!


I dont' want any "benefits". The way this school and most native schools work is they take men from their tribe, then women from their tribe, then men from other tribes, then women from other tribes, then white me, then white women. If I can prove I have even a tiny little bit of Native blood (can't just use DNA test, you have to do a tree type of thing) I will be moved from the bottom to closer to the top for selection. I have busted my rear to get good grades in all of my generals and pre-reqs so taking no for an answer is not a option.

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    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer This website gives you information and I have copied what I would normally do for people wanting to begin researching their FH.....good luck in getting into College.

    Before you launch into websites and get fed up because you can't find anything, do your groundwork first.......

    Have a look on this site, which will help you make a start in understanding the principles of researching your family history, then down load some family history sheets and starting with yourself fill one in, you will find the sheets act as a check list and you may also find that you don't have all your own information and have to go searching in your home and asking your parents/other relations about it.

    Look at your own birth certificate, it gives you lots of information and don’t forget to write the registration number down on your form, as this tells you that it is primary document information, which is what you need for every piece of information you collect, once you start researching you will notice many people don’t have primary information numbers on their research...which shows you it is hearsay, copied from others and guesswork and there is no place in research for guesswork. One wrong name in your tree and it means you are not researching YOUR family.

    Fill a sheet in for your parents and any living relations you have, go and talk to them, ask to see any certificates they have and write all the information down they give you.....ask if they have any old photographs as this gets people talking and remembering other people in the family they had ‘forgotten’ about...write down any 'family stories' you are told....some may be correct, however many are not and you find once you start researching you can sometimes use these stories in your research for clues about where to look at records...........before you go near a website, this information give you a 'feel' for who your family is and makes it s much easier to find ancestors once you do start looking at websites ( they are not the place to 'start' your research).

    By using the family sheets it makes it very easy for other relations to see what you are doing and to understand the information you are collecting and they are more likely to help and give you more most at first will say, “I don't know or I haven't got any idea about our ancestors". It is also nice to be able to give you relations a copy, as by doing this they will look at the information, talk about it and may remember more information for you or even find some paperwork that has been long forgotten.

    The very best sources of information is in your home and in the homes of your living relations with any documents, certificates and newspaper clippings that many people will get lots of information, start lots of interest in what you are doing and will get your family involved in helping you get started and are more likely to have correct information

    If you want to then input this information onto a computer database a free one is Brothers Keeper and you can even add photographs, print out family trees, lists or add notes/stories etc

    Good luck in your research

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  • As I understand it, if you are not already an enrolled member of a tribe, you get squat.

    As to find out if you had Indian ancestry, simply get DNA tests.

    You can check at such sites as: and for more info.

    Source(s): life; google
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