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are there all you can eat buffets in china?

not western ones you would find in hong kong or a major city, but with cheap chinese food? All i eat is buffets when i go out here in america.

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    There are a few, they are called 自助餐 (zi zhu can), and usually they cost quite a bit ~ at least compared with other places you can eat. It's my opinion that buffet-style eating goes against the typical intimate style of Chinese meal time, which traditionally emphasizes sharing and intimacy. That's why when you go to a buffet you'll find people heaping up plates of food and then putting them in the middle of the table for others to share.

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    Yes. Several. And they have Western Food as well as Chinese Food. In the GRAND VIEW Mall Guangzhou, China they have a place called LAS VEGAS BUFFET. All you can eat. Cost around 75RMB.

    In Guangzhou they also have several BRAZILIAN meat Buffets. They come to your tables and slice meat of a skewer. This also includes an all you can eat Buffet.

    Latin Grill


    But you will not find those all you can eat for $5.99 places like in the USA. The chinese food is so different than the USA. I would have to say if there were 40 total things to eat at a Chinese buffet I would maybe eat or like 15 things.

    I have yet to see a Chinese Buffet like those in the USA.

    Psalm 37:23... P.F. Changes rocks! We know it's not "REAL" Chinese food. It's a fusion food. I would prefer P.F. Changes over 70% of most Chinese dishes here in Guangzhou. But then again I have not had that in some time so I am craving it...

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    In Shanghai and of course other major cities in China, I'd recommend Brazilian BBQ Buffet. The main food they server is all types of BBQ. It's probably the only buffet that you don't need to get up!

    The waiter comes to you every now and then and serves fresh cooked BBQ and you can ask them to bring you a drink.

    Btw some buffet in China is just "All you can eat" so they don't cover drinks.

    For other restaurants you might be interested in:


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    In the Shenyang area there are several that I have been to. Another other good thing about these is the draft beer goes with the meal. They also have fruit bars and some of the hot drinks the Chinese in north China drink. You can go to a hot pot restaurant and eat all you want for very little cost. Eating in China is not like eating in the US. Chinese meals are a lot less expensive to buy in the Shenyang area.

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    There are in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and where I live... Qingdao.

    4 or 5 star hotels offer a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet everyday and even if you're not staying there you can always go to have your meal. However, sometimes drinks are not included and you have to pay a 15% service charge on the 120 RMB 118 RMB they are charging.

    There's a sushi restaurant in Qingdao that you may eat as much as you want and pay just 120 RMB (Sake included)

    Each city should have a city guide in English like That's Beijing, Redstar in Qingdao... get a free copy or visit their website to learn more.

    Good luck

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    Yes there are. Most big hotels have these buffets, they serve Chinese (the usual steamed buns, dimsums of all assortments, noodles, rice, etc) and Western food / cuisine in the buffet. (Western - they actually have spaghetti which would be more Italian than American cuisine, ham, bacon, salads, toasts, etc.)

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    Chinese Buffet Belfast

  • "China does not have an obesity problem like America, hence China has little demand for all-you-can-eat restaurants."


    China has a growing obesity problem and its only a matter of time before it catches up with the USA. China has the fastest growing obesity rate in the world.



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    As for eat all buffets in China, they are growing in popularity. I have seen 2 places in Beijing and they were full. In fact I did go to one with my co-workers and spent most of the afternoon there. The place was packed and we had to book in advance.

    Source(s): Little one want to come over for dinner sometime? Younger than your current BF :P WangFuJing Food night market then?
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    All-you-can-eat buffets are wildly popular in lower middle class neighborhoods across America. Big people with big appetites enjoy the all-you-can-eat dining frenzy. No one will stop their slobbering pig-like devouring of cheap food once the admission fee is paid. All-you-can-eat restaurants provide big value for big people.

    China does not have an obesity problem like America, hence China has little demand for all-you-can-eat restaurants. Chinese people enjoy food, but don't over-eat as westerners do. Chinese people order what they want and enjoy it, but they don't spend 2 or 3 hours at a buffet the way fat Americans do. It's a cultural difference that is important from a health and safety perspective. Chinese people live longer than Americans and are less prone to fat-related accidents due to their normal weight and healthy eating habits.

    Enormously obese Americans love all-you-can-eat buffets. For a fixed price they feast on vast quantities of food to satiate their unstoppable appetites. With frighteningly large bellies hanging over their straining belts, Americans are a unique breed of over-eaters. With gigantic rear ends the size of upholstered chairs, Americans crave the unlimited grazing opportunity of all-you-can-eat buffets.

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